Tips for great content



1. Write relevant content

It may be tempting to write the latest news about what is going on for example the recent election in the United States but if the content doesn’t relate to your site, it is highly recommended that you just leave it out. This is because your web visitors / followers who always come to your site for the certain niche might turn away when they see some irrelevant content on your website.


2. Write your key points & highlight them in each paragraph

Each paragraph needs to be concise and makes sense to every key point. The majority of your visitors do not spend their time reading every single word on your website. Chances are high that they just scan through while looking for the key points. Thus having short paragraphs definitely gives you better advantage than writing a lengthy one.


3. Action words (Call to Action)

Instruct your readers what to do and when to act. Do not use passive tone; be direct!


4. Use lists instead of paragraphs if you can

Lists make your content short and simple. They can highlight your key points better than paragraphs do.


5. Proofread your content

When your content has too many unchecked spellings and grammatical mistakes, readers will start to have doubt on the quality of your content.