An innovative yet refreshing concept of an “Etsy version” just for cakes.

Eat Cake Today was founded in 2015 by two high school friends, Crystal Tan and Sue Tan, to create a platform for cakes to be delivered to your doorstep. Crystal saw the gap of bridging cake ordering and delivery platforms, to bring cakes directly to consumers without much hassle. 

In April 2017, both founders passed on the reins to the current CEO Ang Boon Chow. With his background in engineering and technology, he took the business to greater heights by implementing several tech elements to make it scalable. He also facilitated and streamlined the entire A-Z cake ordering process.

Eat Cake Today is now a successful online portal that offers a wide repertoire of premium cakes from bakers to consumers, with a promise to provide same-day delivery.

Read their full story here.

CEO Ang Boon Chow & Team

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Gain Success

Start small to experience how it is like to run an online business. Having a business concept and to run it in reality can be different. It is more complex than maintaining a Facebook page. 


While researching is important, you should have a healthy degree of skepticism about what you read. If you are able to test out your business idea with minimum financial and resource risks, try it out!

How Has Eat Cake Today Benefitted From Exabytes’ Products/ Services?

We host our website with Exabytes and even secure multiple domains with them! They provide great support and high quality service with very low downtime. This keeps our customers browsing experience positive.

You can be our next success story! Experience firsthand how moving towards a digital transformation can restart, rebuild, and renew your business. Speak to our team of experts to get your digital journey started.

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