Singapore Public Holidays in 2023

Singapore Public Holidays in 2023 : An Overview 

Singapore public holidays in 2023 are limited to 11 days beginning with the new year and ending at Christmas.

If public holidays 2023 are analyzed, there are, in total, seven long weekends and two days for Chinese New Year. 

Furthermore, if a public holiday is on a Sunday, the coming Monday will be declared a public holiday.

In the Singapore public holidays list, three holidays fall on a Sunday, resulting in more long weekends. 

Social media strategy put forward by companies considering public holidays has helped in enhanced marketing and development.

Innovative plans and social media strategies are developed by companies based on Singapore public holidays each year. 

Exabytes marketing tools have been developed to improve marketing strategy and generate more sales for business development.

Creating a proper social media strategy using the right marketing tools has helped enhance growth for multiple businesses.

Public Holiday Day  Date
The regular holidays are:
New Year’s Day Sunday January 1
Chinese New Year Sunday January 22
Good Friday Friday April 7
Eid-al Fitr Saturday April 22
Labour Day Monday May 1
Vesak Day Friday June 2
Eid-al adha Thursday June 29
National Day Wednesday August 9
Deepavali Sunday November 12
Christmas Day Monday December 25
Additional non-working days:
New Year’s Day Monday January 1
Chinese New Year Monday, Tuesday January 23, 24
Deepavali Monday November 13

Significance of Marketing During Public Holidays 

Marketing during important public holidays is one of the best social media strategies developed by different businesses.

Holiday marketing during Singapore public holidays is intensified to grab customers’ attention.

Such social media strategies concerning marketing come with numerous benefits, which are the following:

1. Enhanced customer engagement 

Marketing during public holidays helps in attracting more customers and engages them in different processes.

Customers get inclined towards social media strategies and other marketing techniques for better business growth.

2. Increased brand awareness 

The higher demand for different products and services helps increase brand awareness globally.

The increase in sales during Singapore public holidays shows the increase in brand awareness during holidays.

3. Creative content and a sense of urgency 

The increase in content creation can also be seen during Singapore public holidays resulting in better performances. The limited holiday time creates a sense of urgency for enhanced sales and development.

4. Launch new products and promotions

Example of Christmas Sales & Promotions.

One of the benefits of Singapore public holiday marketing is the increase in promotions and the launching of new products.

It results in attracting new customers who are inclined towards products based on holidays.

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Important Singapore Public Holiday Campaigns on Social Media

Singapore public holiday campaigns are known across the globe due to their enhanced presence on social media channels.

Important Singapore Public Holidays 2023 campaigns on social media that help in enhanced business development are the following:

Drinks – Tiger Beer 

Tiger Singapore National Day

This Singapore public holiday campaign represents admiration toward Singaporeans whose hard work made Singapore’s national day possible.

The journey filled with obstacles and hassles was shown along with the never-ending support of some people.

Such campaigns become an inspiration for public holidays 2023 campaigns and other future campaigns.

Give Good

This “Give Good” campaign has gained worldwide recognition as it is focused on giving and sharing different products. It is one of the famous Singapore public holiday campaigns which gained extensive backing from people around the globe.

All proceeds obtained from this campaign were utilized for charity purposes based on society functions.

Restaurants – Passion Group

One of the important Singapore public holiday campaigns which attracted numerous people is the promotion made by the Passion Group.

This created excitement in numerous Singaporeans and other outsiders across the globe.

Five Steps to Utilize Social Media for Public Holiday Campaigns

The use of social media for public holiday campaigns has increased considerably with time.

Public holidays 2023 will also witness the impact of social media on such campaigns. Singapore’s public holiday campaign focuses on a specific outcome that can be measured for a particular period.

Social media strategies are utilized for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and expand their customer base and support.

The benefits of social media can be used effectively for public holidays 2023 campaigns to acquire advanced outcomes.

Essential steps involved in social media strategies to incorporate public holiday campaigns are the following:

1. Customize social media channels 

domain social media

One of the basic steps taken as part of social media strategy is customization and personalization of social media channels.

This customization helps in offering high-performance services to customers concerning public holiday campaigns.

Most Singapore public holiday campaigns focus on customer needs, which allows for better implement different functions.

2. Use images and videos. 

Exabytes Singapore Facebook Post


Images are seen on social media platforms for public holiday campaigns based on the theme and nature of the campaign.

An effective social media strategy can be improvised by adding attractive videos. The difference brought through high-quality videos can be seen in Singapore public holiday campaigns.

3. Choose shipping alternatives.

Social media channels also consider the problems concerning shipping delays in public holiday 2023 campaigns.

Different alternatives like curbside pickup, same-day delivery, pickup in stores, and so on are introduced for better services.

Such social media strategies help in improving the overall functioning of business systems.

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4. Promotion through offers

Social media is the best choice for giving information regarding offers and deals, resulting in better reach.

Promotions and offers on social media are the best social media strategy for public holiday 2023 campaigns.

5. The window shopping experience for customers 

Innovative features concerning digital window shoppers are another phase of development that will gain popularity in the public holiday of 2023.

The developments in social media strategies have helped in advanced innovations resulting in unique and distinct results.



Marketing and social media strategies can be enhanced through Singapore public holiday campaigns where exciting outcomes are ensured.

Public holiday 2023 campaigns will be another step towards development similar to the improvements made in the past years.

You can broaden your brand awareness, enhance productivity, and gain online recognition effectively through such innovative social media strategies.

You can choose digital marketing services and improve social media strategies with the help of a skilled digital marketer team.

At Exabytes, we offer high-performance services and solutions based on your needs and business functions to enhance the smooth functioning of businesses.

Contact an Exabytes Singapore professional for more information. You can also contact us for a quick conversation on any hosting related information

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