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eCommerce is all the rage now. Are you an aspiring or existing eCommerce business owner?

If you are, you must know how important courier services are for eCommerce businesses. Courier services aren’t just for eCommerce businesses.

Sometimes, people need them too, like when they want to send a special gift to a loved one who lives overseas.  

The issue is that there are now too many courier service providers on the market, and deciding on the one that is right for you has become challenging.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 10 courier services in Singapore (with highlights of their strengths) so that you can make a better decision.

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

1. EasyParcel

EasyParcel courier services

EasyParcel courier service offers a convenient platform to book delivery services, such as same-day, local, and international courier services.

The platform is user-friendly and straightforward to use. Their unique services include price comparisons among different courier service providers, free doorstep pickup, online tracking, and more.

Integrated with eCommerce systems, users can place bulk orders in a matter of minutes. The best part is that there is no minimum order. 

More than 100,000 customers and businesses in Singapore use EasyParcel on a regular basis. The EasyParcel platform allows users to place orders for delivery from numerous reputable courier services at highly competitive prices. 


Price comparison, same-day delivery, paperless delivery, EasyCover, EasyReward, tracking SMS and email.


2. iXpress Logistics, Inc.

iXpress Logistics courier services

iXpress Logistics, Inc. is now considered one of the leading local courier service providers in Singapore.

It offers a range of delivery options, from same-day to next-day, for as low as $8 island-wide.

The business model of iXpress Logistics, Inc. is unique, which means that the prices for their courier services are always among the lowest and most competitive in Singapore.  


Online Tracking, Eliminating Paper Waste, Notifications via Text and Email, 24/7 Local Courier Service in Singapore



PICKUPP courier service

PickUpp courier service riders travel across Singapore like pros, delivering your package from one end to the other in a single day. Moreover, it offers affordable prices and easy access to customer service.

In addition to delivery services, the company also offers consulting services to help you grow your delivery network and connect with clients.

Besides the fact that they offer good delivery services, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to book with them. 


Insurance cover, weekend promotions, affordable rates, friendly service 



UPARCEL courier services

When you use UParcel courier service, delivery will be completed risk-free regardless of the dimensions and contents of the package you send.

The company also offers services to both individuals and businesses, and the quality of those services goes above and beyond what is expected in both markets.

UParcel is open around the clock, so if you have an important parcel that needs to be delivered the same day, you can count on them to be reliable partners.

Thanks to the highly convenient and reliable service it offers, UParcel has earned a spot on the list of the best courier services in Singapore. 


Door-to-door service, special bulk discounts, transparent and fixed prices, comprehensive mobile application, storage and pick & pack services


5. JustShip

JustShip courier service

With JustShip courier service, customers do not need to waste time waiting in line at the post office or filling out complicated paperwork.

JustShip allows its customers to bypass all but the final step, which consists of filling out a brief form. Next, they will pick up your items from your doorstep and pack them safely before sending them on their way. 

Each package is delivered within one to three business days, depending on its destination, and is dispatched via FedEx International Priority, which offers shipping tracking.

These services can be obtained for a portion of the normal cost thanks to FedEx’s preferential pricing. JustShip makes it easy to deliver parcels to friends and family living in other countries.


Cheapest shipping from Singapore to the United States, premium international courier service (comes with packing)



SENDSINGAPORE courier service

SendSingapore courier service, which is powered by the Yojee platform, provides a streamlined experience for booking and sending parcels to customers or loved ones in Singapore.

SendSingapore is powered by Yojee. It also offers delivery services that do not require any physical contact.

SendSingapore is also one of the few businesses in the delivery service industry that is highly concerned about its environmental impact.

In order to make sure that their business is as environmentally friendly as possible, the company measures and publishes its carbon footprints. 


Responsive mobile application, booking experience is hassle-free, 3-hours delivery service, safety and security


7. LJC Express 

LJC Express courier service

LJC Express courier service has been around since 2005. It is a well-known courier service that helps small businesses in Singapore with their delivery needs.

The company provides next-day delivery and makes sure they are safe while they are in transit. LJC Express also offers local van delivery services. 


E-commerce delivery, competitive prices, instant delivery



GO GO VAN courier service

Go Go Van courier service was one of the first companies in Singapore to offer modern delivery services, and they are known for being very efficient and reliable.

Besides offering quality courier services, they also have customer service representatives who are highly-trained and very professional. 

Last but not least, Go Go Van also offers moving services for offices and homes. 


Business van rental services, moving services, door-to-door services



LALAMOVE courier service

Lalamove courier service is well-known for its reliable services in moving heavy items, and now they have added the delivery of small parcels to their list of services. 

You get the specifics of everything up front when you get your delivery confirmation from Lalamove, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not their delivery costs are competitive or transparent.

In addition, they offer a number of convenient ways to pay, so you can send your parcels knowing that you got the best value for your money.


Effortless courier booking process, real-time tracking, fast, on-demand service, hassle-free payment channels


10. NinjaVan

NinjaVan courier service

NinjaVan courier service offers fast delivery services in Southeast Asia that use technology to make shipping easy for businesses of all sizes.

Ninja Van is currently the largest and fastest-growing last-mile logistics company in the region.

The company’s network spans six Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Ninja Van operations began in Singapore in 2014 and have since expanded to become the largest in the region.


Reliable Cash-On-Delivery, flexible parcel pickups, easy order creation


Final takeaways 

So here you go, the top ten courier services in Singapore in 2024. Delivery services in Singapore, including local delivery and international courier services, are always in high demand.

With so many players on the market, the industry is highly competitive. The good news is that consumers now have more choices when it comes to choosing the right courier services for their needs and requirements.

We hope that his blog can help you make a more informed decision. Start your profitable e-commerce website with Exabytes to create your business’s online presence.

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