Have you ever received a call from someone from Exabytes who had the gentlest and most polite voice that would almost melt your heart? Have you ever come across someone who has the patience to make more than 80 telephone calls in a day just to remind her customers with her sweetest voice ever? This super polite, super dedicated and super patient person is Exabytes’ EOTM of September 2011! Instead of giving you the hints to who the person was, this time we are going to make the guessing easier by telling you that it was a she from our Customer Service Department.

She is that kind of person who is friendly and approachable to everyone. She is very sociable and affable, but can be rather quiet sometimes. Her hobby and ‘vision’ are to try out all the delicious food in the world she can find. At work, she is the expert who handles all billing related enquiries of our customers. When calling our customers, the tone of her voice will never change even when she is making the 80th call of the day just to inform our customers about their billing matters.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for Exabytes’ billing analyst, Ms Selin Lau! In September, Siew Ling stood out from the crowd because of her selfless dedication and her much applauded working attitude as follows:

  • always takes the initiative to work overtime to make calls to customers on our invoice list
  • is highly responsible for payment follow-ups with clients
  • possesses great learning attitude
  • is kind and friendly
  • is extremely patient and dedicated at work

Congratulations Selin, you are officially the star of September!!