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Ransomware attacks being reported more often are integral to the Windows or Linux environment, and there are rare instances wherein the ransomware or other kind of Mac virus hits the Mac devices.

It is evident in history about how there is some Mac-compatible kind of ransomware variants. Thus, ransomware mac is a reality, and there is a need for cybersecurity practices and systems in place to secure from the Mac virus

Ransomware mac is typically malware designed to access a computer system, gain control over the data, and lock the data until the ransom is paid.

Though the prospects of Mac devices getting malware attacks such as ransomware mac is rare, the occurrences are feasible for Mac viruses

The Mac virus of malware could spread through phishing emails, surfing infected sites, or any kind of vulnerabilities exploited in the systems. 

In a ratio comparison to Windows systems, the ransomware mac is limited, there are instances of ransomware mac attacks that happened.

Following is some of the noted ransomware mac attacks, wherein the Mac virus as malware has successfully intruded into the system’s network. 

FBI Scam in 2013

Imposters have used the phishing page as an FBI webpage targeting Safari web browser users, and the Mac virus intrudes takes control of the systems, and users are unable to navigate elsewhere and even after being forced to quit the browsers, they were not able to access the other aspects. This refers to how ransomware mac is a reality.

FileCoder in 2014

Cybersecurity professionals have discovered that FileCoder is a Mac virus targeting Mac systems as Ransomware mac.

The malware poses as a cracking tool for Adobe or MS Office products for Mac Computers. The ransomware mac could never complete its Mac virus attack, and upon the updates of security patches from Apple, the protection from this ransomware mac is subdued.

Gopher in 2015

Gopher is technically proven for its capability to breach into the Mac OS using C code lines and a crypto library. This Mac virus is targeting ransomware mac spreads using spam emails, email attachments, software installers, or corrupted websites.

Mabouia, KeRanger, Patcher, and ThiefQuest are some of the ransomwares for Mac that has targeted Mac devices.

While some of these Mac viruses relied on pirated versions, in the other case it was more about the software installers or safari web browsers basis for ransomware attacks for Mac.

KeRanger is known to have infected around 7000 devices before its detection and patch to revoke its certification from the Mac team.

To prevent any kind of security breach in the Mac devices, and to prevent time machine ransomware or ransomware mac the users must practice relying on some of the security practices that can prevent any kind of time machine ransomware or another kind of ransomware target from affecting the systems.

There is a built-in mechanism in Mac for the prevention of ransomware mac, and Apple has included some threat intelligence solutions for Mac virus prevention of all sorts.

Following are some of the cyber security mechanisms offering defense like

  • XProtect is the anti-malware software from Mac to prevent ransomware mac
  • Software verification functionality is handled effectively using the Gatekeeper, which can protect against cybersecurity issues of Time machine ransomware
  • The malware scanning service from Apple for preventing ransomware mac is executed by a mechanism called Notarization.

In addition to the above, there are certain layers of the protective mechanism in place to scan and prevent any kind of malware from ransomware mac being intruded into the systems. While there is a holistic range of security features.

Protect your Mac from Ransomware

Some of the comprehensive measures that can be useful for securing Mac devices from any kind of ransomware are as follows.

1. Usage of the reputed software applications 

Any kind of ransomware attack on the devices is generally targeted from the Mac virus leading from torrenting sites offering any kind of commercial software as free.

Pirated software is among the potential attack vectors and in the ransomware mac, the cybercriminals target such kinds of unverified applications for breach of security.

2. Necessarily keep the devices and apps updated 

It is important to have the Apple devices checked for the latest software updates or for the updates of respective apps in the device to have auto-updates to prevent any kind of Time machine ransomware intrusions or another kind of ransomware mac devices.

Keeping the automatic software updates enabled can reduce the risk of forgetting the updates to devices which could lead to ransomware mac.

3. Access trusted websites and applications only 

In the regular usage of Mac devices and Safari browsers for accessing internet pages, one should focus on using trusted and secured sites only to avoid any kind of Mac virus intrusions.

The history of Safari usage for unsecured site access leading to ransomware mac, it is important that the necessary steps are taken to prevent such practices.

4. Regular backups

Despite the security features employed, Mac device users must focus on data backup solutions. Regular backups of the data into Time Machine or another kind of cloud backup solution and external storage solutions are important to prevent Time machine ransomware attacks and have better disaster recovery planning.

In addition, using a secured internet connection, working on the network security features, combined with the options of using the multifactor authentication goes a long way in preventing ransomware mac.

Choosing the right kind of cybersecurity solutions to guard systems and backup the data is a tried and tested cybersecurity practice. Be it Time machine ransomware or any other kind of cyber attack.

Acronis Cyber Protect is a potent cyber security solution which helps in performing security monitoring of Mac devices and prevent any kind of ransomware mac.

Exabytes Singapore offers Acronis Cyber Protect as a solution to protect data from any cyber threat as a one stop solution.

To know more about Acronis for Mac, reach out Exabytes Singapore team and secure your Mac devices.

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