In Exabyte office there is this very quiet person, who always seems so engrossed in his work and wouldn’t utter a word even when everyone in the department is having fun discussing something interesting. But strange enough, suddenly you will hear a chuckle from this young man who is never seen involved in any of the discussions or jokes in the office, and sometimes a burst of laughter when he hears something funny.

Over the time, we started to realize that this quiet exabee is in fact mentally involved in all the conversations we have in the office, although not verbally. At work, he is extremely diligent, learns extremely fast and has the flair to consistently hit monthly sales target. A very friendly person in nature, it’s also his habit to always go the extra mile in picking up new skills and achieving more for his job. With continuous and persistent effort, in last March, the chap successfully impressed our ever critical judges of EOTM and grabbed the honor and our salutation.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for Exabytes’ EOTM March 2012, Business Development Executive Mr. Lim Kheng Huei!

According to the judges, Kheng Huei deserves the highest honor in March because he:

  • always completes tasks assigned to him on time.
  • achieves monthly sales target consistently.
  • takes instructions very seriously.
  • is hardworking and a very fast learner.
  • is friendly to all team members.

Congratulations Kheng Huei, you are officially the star of March 2012!!