Exabytes Video Hosting Tutorials

Great News! Exabytes Video Hosting Tutorials are now synchronized with its FB fans page!

Since it is made available on Facebook, anyone can now LEARN in a light hearted, enjoyable and easy to understand way by viewing various tutorials on countless topics ranging from Apple Mail and Gmail to WordPress and Joomla.

Exabytes Singapore Facebook

Take a minute to check out the many tutorials inside by simply clicking on the “Video Tutorial” icon just below the banner of Exabytes fan page, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the resourcefulness on the topics covering Apple Mails (10 demos with voice), Drupal Series (14 demos with voice), iPad email series (8 demos with voice), Joomla management (over 80 demos with voice), PhotoShop (over 60 demos with voice), Smart Mails, WordPress and even Youtube and many more.

With so many CMS tutorials under one roof, it’s easier for everyone to view and compare the appearance of various control panels under different CMS as well as learn how to:

  • install some very useful and popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, OS commerce, etc within a few mouse clicks
  • set up mailboxes using Outlook, Thunderbird, Macbook, etc
  • manage customers from your end when you sign up as a reseller of Exabytes
  • maintain your websites without having to go through any paid training classes

The stunning advantages of picking up skills from a tutorial are numerous.

First, your learning is not constrained by location and time – you choose to learn anytime and anywhere.

Second, the pause function of video tutorials enables hands-on learning as viewers can practice along with what is explained in the video.

Third, viewers can learn on their own pace without being rushed amid their busy schedule.

So don’t wait! Experience Exabytes’ video tutorials NOW and say Goodbye to boring classes!

To learn, visit Exabytes Support and click on “Hosting Tutorials” to view the videos directly. Alternatively, simply head on to our Facebook fans page now and start learning!