google my business for local seo strategies

Every business owner with a website looks for methods to stand out in the results of searches.

A local company can score highly once it learns how to use Google Business using a variety of tactics.

The Google My Business strategy to stand out is to provide customers with up-to-date information such as operating hours and contact information.

This may be accomplished through the use of a Google My Business profile.

According to information made public by the U.S. Small Business Association, there are approximately 31.7 million small businesses in the US (SBA).

Over the past two years, mobile inquiries including the phrases “where to purchase” and “near me” have surged by over 200 percent (Google, 2019). 97% of consumers discover local businesses online before going somewhere else, right?

Businesses that rely on local customers for a large portion of their revenue should run local SEO campaigns, and they might be particularly interested in the Google My Business strategy.

The important thing, in this case, is to use Google My Business to optimize the website for local SEO and run a SEO strategy.

To make sure that the website appears on local searches and catches queries with local intent, keep the Google My Business page up to date by updating all the most recent information.

One of Google’s free tools, Google My Business, helps you promote your business to locals in your region by displaying all the pertinent information in search results.

Let us get to know about Google My Business Listing to improve local SEO:

How to Create a Google My Business Profile

google my business listing profile

The first step in setting up the Google My Business Profile is to make sure the company doesn’t already have one by conducting a Google search.

One may also find your company on Google’s Business Profile by using the in-platform search function of Google.

If the company has been operational for several years, it is probable that it already has a Google My Business profile; all that is required is for you to claim it.

You may quickly set up your company profile if it hasn’t been done so before.

Google My Business verification requires a little more time, but it can generally be finished in a week.

Before entering additional crucial information, start by entering the actual company name. Next, enter the primary industry.

The business’s contact details, such as the phone number and current website address, can then be added.

And the Google My Business page is done and starting to appear in local searches.

How Does Google My Business Work?

One may post your company’s photographs, address, products or services, and any other pertinent data using Google My Business (also known as Google Business Profile), a free tool for business listings.

Businesses of all sizes and forms can benefit from Google My Business. Managing one’s online presence and bringing in consumers who are looking for the business on Google search and maps provides one with a competitive advantage.

A Google My Business account also enables users to submit images of their goods or services, access and modify their company’s details (such as name, address, and business hours), and reply to customer reviews.

This Business Directory Listing strategy eventually increases the company’s exposure and engagement.

How to Optimize Google My Business Listing to Improve Local SEO?


In addition to setting up a profile, businesses must take action to update their Google My Business in order to appear in the local pack and rank better in local searches.

1. Verify Your Company

One should first verify the business with Google My Business before taking any further action.

Google will send a four-digit number to the address listed in the company data after the account setup procedure is complete.

Simply go to the supplied URL and enter the code after receiving it. When Google receives confirmation that the nearby company is authentic, they will formally post the new profile.

2. Completely fill out your Google My Business profile.

Filling out the Google My Business profile is the next step after verifying the business.

Even though several of the sections are optional, numerous of the responders emphasized how crucial it is that you provide all pertinent information.

It is preferable to provide all the information requested, it is helpful for the local SEO campaign.

3. Verify the accuracy of the information in the profile.

Simply filling out the fields on your Google My Business page is not sufficient. Additionally, one must ensure that the data is valid and continues to be accurate.

Ensuring that all of the information on your Google My Business profile is correct is the most crucial thing a business can do.

4. Ensure NAP Consistency

Simply maintaining accuracy in your Business Directory Listing is still insufficient. Additionally, you must ensure that it is consistent with all of the important local directories listed online.

Name, address, and phone number, or NAP, are the three informational components that are considered to be most crucial for Google My Business strategy.

5. Decide which categories are most relevant.

Choosing the appropriate service categories was one of the Google My Business checklist items that the respondents noted the most.

Business listing Tools of whether or not to show the local company in an organic search is significantly influenced by this feature.

6. Incorporate Semi-Professional Images

Having images is one of Google My Business’s most crucial components. Even though it seems straightforward, the image for Business Directory Listing is important.

7. Additional Reviews

One should concentrate on collecting as many reviews as possible after fully setting up the Google My Business profile.

Reviews affect the click-through rate in addition to helping businesses improve their profile rating on Google Maps and the search engine.

Once the business is set up and optimized on Business Directory Listing, it will start to show up in local searches and the business will start to get potential leads.

That’s how Google My Business work with SEO optimization helps the business.

If businesses want to optimize their online presence on search engine, they can get it done by experts like Exabytes in Singapore, who can help them optimize their Google My Business profile.

Engage With An Exabytes Professional to learn more.

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