“Domain names and websites are Internet real estate” – Marc Ostrofsky

Personal domain name, quote from Marc Ostrofsky

Today, everyone needs a house. Same goes to a domain name. We believe everyone should own a personal domain name.

Even if you might not need it now, you might need it in a few years’ time.

Having a domain name has become a norm even for individuals as more and more people realize that a CV on Linkedin is just not enough to make them stand out anymore.

As time goes by, people need to invest in building their own personal brand.

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Why Do You Need Your Own Personal Domain Name?


A personal domain is a domain name that consists of your own name (with choice of domain extensions: .com, .me, .biz etc).

Not only it is a brand name for yourself online, you can use it as a living business card or portfolio, host your full-fledged blog or build business website.

Moreover, you’ll have your own custom email address — [email protected] . Isn’t it awesome?

With the personalized domain and email address, you can outshine your competitors and get noticed when it comes to job hunting or building your own business.

Personal Branding

If you have a business, a domain name can give you higher SEO value.

In other words, your unique name can help your website to rank higher before your social network profile as search engine love domain names with specific keywords.


Domains are priced competitively. However, during promotion, they can be available for sale as low as SGD o.99 each.

Do you  have any desired domain name in mind? If you do, remember it can be bought by anyone anytime.

Why don’t act  now? You do not have to be a company or organization to register a domain name. Any individual can do it.

Go for personal branding, a rising inevitable trend!

Check your domain name availability HERE. Just within 3 minutes domain lookup to identify the status of domain that you desired.