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Choosing the right website speed test tool starts with understanding what you want to measure. Website speed is only one aspect of the full picture. In this article, we recommend some of the best tools in the industry that will give you insights on how you can improve website speed.

Developing a website for the business is among the fundamental steps of creating a digital presence for the business.

However, managing the performance of the website has a distinct set of elements integral to the process.

One of the critical aspects that businesses must ensure with their website is the speed with which the website is accessible to visitors.

Functional aspects like ensuring good page linkage, navigation pages, and using the hosting solutions are important.

However, technically, one of the key factors that influence the visitors about a website or web application is the speed of the website.

Have you ever checked on the speed of the websites? There are many free and paid websites available for website speed tests.

The website speed test should not only be on the system browser level analysis, but the website speed test also must be conducted for mobile site speed test too.

Website speed is about how quickly the visitors can access the webpage contents, and it is basis the average of multiple page speeds like the loading time for text, and images, and fully load the website in the website speed test as a real-time loading scenario.

Site speeds have a significant influence on the customer’s perception, and users generally prefer to rely on websites that are speedy to access.

Also, in search engine marketing, the website speed test has importance in how it is being ranked.

Website speed optimization is necessary for increasing the SEO rankings, and thus the need for a website speed test or the mobile site speed test is an imminent task for the admin teams.

In this article, we present some of the good websites resourceful for conducting the website speed test and the mobile site speed test.

For the website speed test and the mobile speed test, there are many websites available, wherein by just giving the URL link, one can test the website speed test and the mobile site speed test.

1. Google Page Speed Insights 

Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a popular website speed test site offering the scoring model. Basis the performance of the website speed test or mobile site speed test, the scoring is done on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better the performance delivery of the website

This site can help with website speed tests and mobile site speed tests in quick turnaround time and offers suggestions for improving the performance basis the score.

The key benefit of using PageSpeed Insights is the website speed test against Google’s core web vitals and offers a fair score detailing the rationale for the scores.

2. Pingdom 

The other website available as an online tool for the website speed test and mobile site speed test is Pingdom which is easier for beginners.

The tests on this site can be executed basis the location, and it shall support your performance grade analysis.

The major benefit of this website speed test page is how the re-run of a test is possible by clicking over the screenshot of the page.

Pingdom supports more analysis and insights into the website speed test and mobile site speed test for seven different criteria.

The detailed scoring pattern does not provide overwhelming information, but necessary inputs for informed decisions.

3. GTMetrix


GTMetrix is another popular free website speed test option available online, and the public version of the tool is simple but precise in its analysis.

Post the completion of the website speed test and the mobile site speed test, two distinctive scores are populated by this site.

One is the Google Lighthouse performance score combined with some of the custom assessments, and the other is how the pages are effectively designed for the performance.

Some of the key metrics assessed in the GTMetrix are about breaking down results into distinct criteria and offering the scope of multiple tests across various connections, locations, and browsers.

This will help the users in having more insights into how the website speed test is performing for the web applications in various locations, and connection levels, and accordingly optimize the process.

4. WebPageTest 

WebPageTest is a free website speed test tool having more advanced data measures and insights to offer in comparison to the other tools.

Testing the speed of the website basis the locations, browsers, and devices, the tool has the scope to generate insights necessary to improve the overall speed of the websites.

Also, the user interface for the tool is very friendly and the process is simple for conducting the website speed test and the mobile site speed test.

Results populated for the tests on an even smaller set of elements essential for the improvements of the website is the advantage.

5. Uptrends

This is one of the most effective websites resourceful for conducting the website speed test and mobile site speed test.

It’s easier than typing a simple domain and choosing from the option of server locations available for the testing process.

The website speed test or mobile site speed test as chosen shall be conducted, and it provides inputs from the search results in a comprehensive way.

The user interface available with Uptrends to view the performance results is phenomenal, but the tooltips fall short in the system.

Thus, for beginners using this platform for the website speed test or mobile site speed test could be a challenge.

While the above-mentioned sites help in effective testing of the website speed test, one should work on improving the infrastructure essential for improving the website speed.

NVMe SSD drives for website servers have a better capability model for the speed at which the website visitor requests are responded to by the system.

There are scores of benefits in the system for NVMe SSD drive, as the memory levels and speed at which the website responds can be optimized.

One should test the performance of the website in a conventional hard disk set-up and the NVMe SSD hard disk setup to understand the difference.

Reach out to Exabytes Singapore technical team for more information on the website speed testing tools and how the NVMe SSD options can improve the speed and performance of your website.

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