how to protect from wannacry ramsomware

What is WannaCry Ransomware ?

The WannaCry Ransomeware that swept the globe recently has proven so malicious. Many government systems were down because of this widespread cyberattack.

According to LGMS founder C.F, Fong, the cyber security expert, one of his clients’ companies personal laptop has already been infected with this ransomware.

So, how can we protect our PCs from this terrible ramsomware?

How Does WannaCry Ransomware Work?

The malware or “WannaCry” is delivered as a Trojan through a loaded hyperlink that can be accidentally opened by a victim through an email, advert on a webpage or a Dropbox link.

Once it has been activated, the program spreads through the computer and locks all the files with the same encryption used for instant messages.

Once the files have been encrypted it deletes the originals and delivers a ransom note in the form of a readme file.

It also changes the victim’s wallpaper to a message demanding USD300 in Bitcoin currency to return the files.

 ransomeware file encrypted

What You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Secure

1) Update and Patching Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS)

From time to time, Microsoft will release multiple security patches to protect your OS from cyberattack. In fact, Microsoft released a security update which addressed the vulnerability to “WannaCrypt” malicious software back in March 2017.

The vulnerability does not exist within Windows 10, the latest version of the software, but is present in all versions of Windows prior to that, dating back to Windows XP.

2) Don’t Open Any Malicious Email Attachments

This is another major way how the ransomware was spread. Once you click and download the attachment, your PC data will be encrypted and prompt to pay the ransom fee.

In fact, we recommend using caution when clicking directly on any links in email even if the sender is someone you know. Hackers are constantly innovating the malware to spreading more to public.

3) Always Have Backups, Backups and Backups

Prevention is better than cure.

Instead of paying $300 to the hacker to unlock your important files on your PC, why don’t have a full backup of your data & system regularly?

Exabytes Server Backup offers easy-to-use disaster recovery and data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

While there are many backup solutions on the market, finding the one that truly gives you the protection you need is not easy.

Acronis, an internationally renowned provider of backup and disaster recovery solution provider restores your data and system if attacked by cybercriminals.

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Pay the Ransom or Not?

For those who have been infected, expert recommend not to pay the ransom.

Not only it does not guarantee restoration of any files, it also funds future crime.

You might be tempted to pay by Bitcoins to settle the trouble, but remember, the next variant of WannaCry is coming soon, as warned by many experts.

This is Just a Warning

Sadly, there is no confirmed fix for WannaCry ransomware available for this time.

So far, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is yet to receive any official report of WannaCry attack.

However, everyone should always stick to all the best practices to protect against ransomware and other types of cyberattacks.

“Always have a backup plan.”

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