how to create a website for fitness equipment

Business websites for online businesses are very crucial, and once one learns how to run a business online with the help of a business website, the business will bloom.

According to Facebook data, Singapore’s adoption of digital and ecommerce pattern is similar to those of other Southeast Asian countries, where 70 million more individuals have started shopping on business websites since the pandemic began.

According to Statista estimates, Singapore generates S$3,762 million ($2,793 million) in income from eCommerce in 2021, with user penetration reaching 55.9% in that year and a further 67.2% by 2025.

Let’s get to know how to create a website for a fitness equipment business.

Singaporeans have flocked to at-home workout equipment as a result of temporary gym closures and limitations, as well as a lack of outside activities.

Decathlon reported a 43% rise in home fitness product sales in April 2020, notably for items linked to yoga and bodybuilding.

Unsurprisingly, Google also discovered that phrases like “yoga mat” and “dumbbells” frequently received a lot of searches. So online fitness business websites’ sales have increased.

According to Google Trends data, interest in yoga mats spiked around the time the “COVID-19 Control Order” was issued by the government in April 2020.

The subsequent months witnessed a decline in interest in yoga mats, but May and July of 2021 saw a rise in sales on business websites.

How to Create a Website for Fitness Equipment Sellers

Wix website interface

To find the answer to the question of how to create a website, People need to follow the below steps:

1. Select a template for a fitness Business website

Businesses only need to choose the best website builder; they don’t need to learn how to code or become graphic designers.

With the help of Exabytes, one may create a unique business website with user-friendly features and expert tools for a fitness brand or company.

To begin with, one can utilize a pre-made business website template to handle all the labor-intensive tasks.

Look through the sports and fitness business website designs created just for trainers.

2. Acquire a domain name

Exabytes Domain Search - Affiliate Marketing Website - Do You Really Need It

One of the most significant aspects of a business website is the domain name. It is the SMB website address that a company shares on social media and advertises to both present and future customers.

As a result, a SMB website has to be detailed and simple to type and remember. To prevent consumer misunderstanding, try to keep the business website brief and avoid using acronyms, abbreviations, and numbers.

The top-level domain, or TLD, for the business website, must also be chosen. This is the ending of your domain name, which might be .my, .sg,, .com, .net, or Businesses can get an affordable domain name from Exabytes.

3. Decide on a web host.

Every business website needs a host where all of its data is kept and is always accessible to the public.

Sometimes, hosting a SMB website is likely too expensive for a small business. This is when web hosting providers like Exabytes, come into the picture.

Depending on the budget, there are two options to opt from:-

  1. Businesses that choose the less costly shared web host option share a server with other business websites.
  2. Dedicated hosting is substantially more expensive, but it gives businesses access to a dedicated server rather than having to compete with other business websites, which can slow things down.

4. Construct your pages

A great business website has more to offer than a boring homepage.

A complete catalog of the fitness equipment or services, or a blog area for business updates, are just a few examples of the several pages that should be dedicated to various facets of the fitness equipment business website.

When it comes to your SMB website as a whole, make sure each page supports the site’s main objective, has a distinct function, and contains a call to action (such as “learn more,” “sign up,” “contact us,” or “buy this”).

5. Get the payment method in place

A business website that wishes to accept online payments from customers must connect electronic payment systems with their websites.

Using e-commerce software or SMB website credit card processing solutions is the simplest method to achieve this.

Exabytes is one of several web hosts that provide an internal shopping cart or interface with e-commerce software.

By doing some research, make sure the business website gets a solution that is simple to use and adaptable enough to fulfill demands both now and in the future.

6. Boost your brand awareness

To develop the fitness brand online, you must take the business website’s graphics into account.

Here are a few business website branding components to consider.

Color: The business website may not benefit the most from using your favored shade. Take color psychology into consideration.

Fonts: The typeface one uses should complement the overall aesthetic and support your message. Is the business website spirited and audacious? Simple and elegant?

Logo: The logo quickly symbolizes the exercise equipment of the business website.

7. Learn some SEO recommended practices

The body mass index (BMI) and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are two acronyms that are used in the fitness equipment industry. However, one should not ignore SEO.

The goal of SEO, sometimes referred to as “search engine optimization,” is to raise a business website’s position in search engines like Google by enhancing its content and design.

The more potential customers visit the fitness equipment business website, the higher it ranks.

Include keywords in the text, headers, and pictures (keywords are the particular words or phrases people search for).

8. Keep the business website updated

Maintaining relevance on the business website is crucial, so to keep users coming back to the site, update the website often with blog articles on recent developments in the sector, fresh fitness products and services, and fitness-related news.

Starting a fitness equipment business website at a low-cost investment may help one create a reputation and reach a larger consumer base than traditional marketing methods might.

If one wants to start a fitness equipment business, Exabytes can assist with its 24×7 customer service helpline.

To find out more about website building services, contact us now.

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