Easy-to-Use Website Builder for Beginners

Businesses now need to create a website if they want an online presence that accurately portrays their business.

Once a business uses a website builder, it allows one total control over the style and content, in contrast to a social media page.

Thankfully, website builders make it simpler than ever to create a website that seems professional and is designed well.

Individuals, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises can use website builders to create a website without paying a developer.

However, selecting the easiest website builder might be difficult for newcomers.

What Exactly is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a platform that provides a drag-and-drop interface that enables users with little to no coding skills to easily create a website.

These website builders often have pre-built themes, possibilities for creating a custom domain, hosting capabilities, integrated picture and video storage, and more.

Additionally, third-party interfaces are frequently accessible with website builders, enabling one to include components like shopping carts and lead-gathering tools.

Advanced services may also come with personalized email addresses and SEO campaign analytics tools.

Website builders come in two varieties: online and offline

  • One may create a website on a computer using software known as an “offline website builder.”
  • Web-based online website builders let one create a website and modify the website right on the server of the provider.

Example of website builders to check out:

How Do Website Builders Function?

The drag-and-drop commands are translated into code by a website builder. Either the business will host the website or a connection will be made to the hosting firm.

The majority of website builders include a variety of themes or templates that are appropriate to create a website.

A portfolio, as an example, might require a different template than an online store.

Many of the characteristics may be altered once one choose a template.

This might include things like typeface, layout, and text and picture sizes, depending on the website builder. Additionally, contact forms and video embeds could be possible.

What to Look for When Choosing the Easiest Website Builder?

WordPress Website Template

The majority of website builders provide a simple drag-and-drop user interface for creating a new website.

Before making a final choice, one may make use of the trial accounts (free plans) or the substantial money-back guarantee.

However, experts advise writing down one’s goals for the website before comparing the top website builders.

What are the objectives, and what features does one want the website to have?

Businesses must then think about their alternatives to website builders.

Will the website be updated on a regular basis? Are blogs necessary for websites? Will they provide additional items for sale on the website in the future?

One must ensure that the website builder they select can accommodate their demands as their organization expands.

Standards for the Evaluation of the Best Website Builder

Squarespace website builder

1. Easy to Use

The website builder should be simple to use, even for complete novices (non-techy users).

The easiest website builder must include sophisticated editing tools, a scalable drag-and-drop builder, and other design customization possibilities.

2. Pricing

Due to the competition in this market, businesses evaluate which website builder provides the most value for the money.

Does the website builder provide free services like a domain, SSL, business email, eCommerce functionality, etc.?

If not, how much more money would a small business owner have to spend to create a website? Are there any hidden expenses?

3. Design and Features

Companies should make sure the website builder provides a wide range of expert website designs and the ability to add extra features after creating a website, like Google Analytics, CRM software, third-party marketing tools, etc.

4. Customer Assistance

While users anticipate user-friendly, intuitive website builder software, businesses want to ensure that 24/7 customer support or live chat support is offered when necessary.

5. Business Email

The majority of website builders allow users to set up email addresses with the domain name as the extension.

Make sure to select the appropriate email hosting plan for businesses needs because some always charge more for this service, while others give one or two emails for free and charge for each subsequent email.

6. Compatibility with mobile devices

Mobile compatibility is a crucial element when one creates a website because so many people use their phones to explore the internet.

One may view the mobile version of the website while making edits, thanks to the automated integration of this capability by many website builders.

7. Storage for images and videos

Uploading images and videos is simple with website builders. One will have access to a picture gallery on the account with Exabytes, for instance.

This will enable users to modify and delete images and videos from various sites while keeping them stored for later use.

8. Analytics for SEO

The majority of website builders have their own methods of traffic analysis that are simpler for the ordinary person to understand, even if many people use Google Analytics to measure traffic.

This will let companies know where visitors are coming from and how they discovered them.

If one actively tries to boost the SEO and grow the audience for the website, one may find that businesses need to invest in specialist analytics tools.

Here’s an example of a website builder:

Exabytes All-In-One Website Builder Service

Many companies rely on the Exabytes Web Builder service, which is the easiest website builder, has drag-and-drop functionality, and compiles the information into a useful dashboard.

Website auto-optimization for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices is accessible to start, along with pre-designed themes and a professional email account.

  • Simple dragging and dropping

After choosing a website builder theme, adjusting the web page is as easy as dragging and dropping elements into place. Perhaps a little modification of the headlines, text, graphics, or even videos might improve the situation.

  • Adaptable for mobile

Other devices can be used to access the websites without any problems. Our Website Builder is designed with great device compatibility in mind. There is no barrier between the user and the website.


Exabytes makes it simple for businesses to set up everything they need, and the availability of 24×7 assistance makes running a business easier.

Start your 2023 business marketing planning now with your own business website to attract new potential customers online.

Engage with an Exabytes professional to know more about how to create a website.

Contact us today to learn more.

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