Think Digital Marketing

The spending and buying behaviour of Singaporeans are driven by factors such as gender, age, personal preferences, education and many more.

As a business owner, you know understanding customer behaviour is extremely important when it comes to carrying out sales, promotions, marketing campaigns and even product design.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there is a marketing strategy that can help you generate new leads, sales and revenue using effective targeting based on your target customer behaviour?

That way, all your marketing campaigns will be highly targeted and your business will no longer need to waste any resources promoting to the wrong audience.

The good news is, DIGITAL MARKETING can achieve all the above mentioned! Read on to find out WHY & HOW in great detail.

Everyone is Online!

According to The Straits Times, groceries and food, indoor exercise equipment and gaming tools are now the most popular categories of online shopping. Moreover, the uptrend of online shopping will continue even after countries ease restrictions.

Today, most Singaporeans have adjusted to the “new normal” amid the coronavirus pandemic. It also tells us one thing – Online Shopping is the Future; if you’re not online, you are not in the game. Singaporeans sure are moving everything online, and this makes it so important for business owners to depart for the road of transformation.

Going digital (including promoting one’s business online) has become a new business trend and strategy in 2021 and beyond.

Target the Right Audience Accurately

With digital marketing, your ads will only show around the audience who are keen or interested in your products or services. The power of Machine Learning in Digital Ads makes it possible for ads to show based on customer activities, interest, preferences, many more!

As a result, you can segment your audience in great detail without wasting any money on the wrong audience.

This works well to fast track your business, especially if you are an expert in digital marketing. If you are not, hiring a digital marketing expert or digital marketing agency that acts as your marketing team and handles all your marketing campaigns will catapult your business success.

Measurable Business & Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing and ads (newspapers and TV Ads) are not measurable, and that is what makes them ineffective. Thanks to modern technology, today’s marketing effort can be accurately measured, analyzed, reviewed and improved based on solid data that reflects on customer behaviour.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Think of traditional marketing as a shot in the dark. On the contrary, digital marketing is similar to having all the high-tech gear that aids you hitting the Bull’s-Eye.

Most often than not, you get what you aim for in the first few attempts, and are able to further fine-tune for even better results in the future.

As businesses continue to grow using the power of Digital Marketing, they are able to track every single step of their marketing campaigns and obtain detailed reports to understand customer behaviour.

Here we are talking about optimization, well-informed decisions, constant improvement, and eventually, SUCCESS in the marketing campaigns.

Adaptable Marketing Strategies

There is a doubt in the mind of most business owners: What if things don’t work out?

Fret Not. As mentioned earlier, with digital marketing, you can measure and keep track of every single online marketing campaign. Your Facebook Ads don’t produce results? Optimize it. Your Google Ads don’t perform as expected? Optimize it.

One of the best parts of digital marketing is FLEXIBILITY. You are able to control your budget, segment the right target audience, understand your customer behaviour and preference, and drive great results (generate leads, sales and revenue, create customer loyalty, and more) using online marketing campaigns — a truly cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy for today!

Break Into New Territory

In today’s competitive business world, no business can rely solely on local or existing customers. Most businesses need to cross the border and seek new business opportunities in the neighbouring country, region or even across continents.

Digital Marketing is perfect for businesses seeking market expansion to reach overseas customers. For example, with Facebook Advertising, businesses can customize their ads to target the audience based in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

In other words, digital marketing works best for businesses that are keen to expand their influence globally.


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