The year 2012 was a very important and remarkable year for Exabytes. It’s the year we found new talents, completed 3 acquisitions, published our first book, set up our new office in Singapore, widened our Cloud Hosting location coverage, expanded our eCommerce platform / network and established a special partnership with AIMS Data Center to run a data center in Suntech, Penang Cybercity.

Sweat and tears are words to describe the challenging yet rewarding year of 2012. Exabytes wouldn’t have achieved all these without the selfless dedication of all Exabytes teams (we call them Exabees).

Although there were countless obstacles and sleepless nights, there were also many happy and rewarding moments as well as encouraging growth and achievements. In 2012, we are pleased to have recorded:

  • revenue growth of 21%
  • profit growth of 18%
  • increase in number of customers to 67,000

The truth is, all these growth and achievements will not matter if our hardware and services do not offer the highest satisfaction and highest level of services to our clients.

For this, we have expanded our cloud hosting location coverage to now include Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Singapore, Japan and the United States.

In addition, with the accreditation as one of the Official Cloud Hosting Providers, we are excited to have joined major players in the country such as Maxis, Microsoft, Jaring, Skali and Vads in providing the most reliable cloud hosting services to clients.

The incident of cloud sabotage in 2012 was much regretted, but it had not stopped Exabytes from growing and spreading its wings further. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have outgrown the cloud in KL & Cyberjaya with over 500 cloud hosting accounts.

Last week, our team successfully held our own cloud seminar “ISVs’ Journey to The Cloud”, an event aimed to assist and educate independent software vendors in the country to market and sell their “Software and services” over the Internet with solid and practical skills with the power of Cloud Hosting.

Easy.my Expansion

We are glad to have completed 3 acquisitions as follows in 2012 in an effort to expand Easy.my platform towards a more robust eCommerce hosting and online shopping mall.


b) Exabytes eCommerce

c) Exabytes venture

As the largest online shopping mall in Malaysia with over 7,000 retailers and as the gateway for local merchants to reach out to global-wise customers, Easy.my’s acquisition of Hinetmedia is part of its strategy towards becoming ASEAN’s largest online shopping virtual mall.

With the acquisition, Easy.my now serves over 10,000 eCommerce merchants selling over 100,000 products online.

Banking on its simplified interface, hassle-free e-Store setup and cost effectiveness for merchants to promote their products without spending much on time and money in setting their individual eCommerce websites, Easy.my is looking forward to recruit 20,000 more online merchants in line with market growth of social media and online retailing by 2015.

At the same time, we will soon introduce Easy.my Parcel and LED Advertising service and loyalty rewards program.

We Welcome Our New Investors

We welcome two Exabytes new investors with open arms – Dr. Lee Kim Sien & Dr. Kat Yok Ming.

Our Focus In 2013

This year, we shall focus on 3 major areas:

a) Web Hosting

b) Cloud Hosting

c) e-Commerce Hosting

We shall continue to work hard and smart as a team to achieve our goals. Success won’t just happen overnight; Rome wasn’t built in a day. We shall not forget how and what makes us successful.

We shall always remember we are in the service industry; quality of service is of paramount importance. Be shall live up to our customer service promise: Customer First, Responsiveness and Professionalism.

We shall always be creative and innovative in improving our quality of services.

In 2013, we aim to achieve at least 30% growth in revenue and 50% growth in profits, as well as having a new cloud facility in Kuala Lumpur.

Exabees as a team will aim towards becoming the leader in web hosting, cloud hosting, eCommerce hosting in Southeast Asia.

My Gratitude

My sincerest gratitude goes to all Exabees and their family members for their selfless dedication, trust and support. All the above would not have materialized without your efforts and contributions!

Last but not least, a million thanks for the trust, guidance and encouragement offered by our valued investors for their effort in helping to bring Exabytes to the next level.

Thank you!


Chan Kee Siak
Founder and CEO
Exabytes Network