Date: January 19, 2013
Time: 6.30 pm – 11.00 pm
Venue: Hydro Hotel Penang

Exabytes 11th Anniversary

If you happen to step into Carnation room at Hydro Hotel Penang on last Saturday after 6.30 pm, you might feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1980s as celebrities and stars like The Beatles, Chan Poh Chu and Xiu Fong Fong were all seen having a gathering dinner together.

Explosion hairstyle, old-fashioned sunglasses and hair bands, huge earrings were spotted everywhere; but if you looked closely, you’d soon discover that these old-school fashion wannabes were no other than Exabees who were celebrating their 11th annual dinner with great fun and excitements.

The fantastic prizes which were up for grabs on the night included:

  • 42″ Smart TV x2
  • Ipad x1
  • Ipad Mini x4
  • Ipod Nano
  • Dell Laptop  x 1
  • EOS Camera x1
  • Nikon Camera x1
  • Backup HDD   x1
  • External HDD x 2
  • Steamer  x3
  • Luggage  x1
  • Business Bag
  • Portable Speaker x3
  • Hamper x5
  • RM200 + 200 Voucher + Backpack x 2
  • RM100 + 100 Voucher x 2
  • Dining Voucher x3
  • Ang Pow x6

A total of 12 tables were set up for over 120 participants, which included Exabees and their spouses as well as the family members of Exabytes shareholders.

The wonderful night started with CEO Chan and Dato Tan giving their speeches at the very beginning to kick-start the annual dinner. Bringing us back to our 11 exciting years was a video that played on the projector.

Reminiscing the sweet memories, we were startled by our emcee of the day, Sau Hun when she announced that the first lucky draw (for early birds only) was about to begin. An iPad mini was about to be given away!

Congratulations to Fifi, the first lucky winner of the day for arriving early and grabbing the ‘first’ prize!

At around 7.20 pm, the first course of meal was ready to be served. This was no ordinary course though; every Exabees would be tossing everything served on the plate before tucking in.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right! It is the very popular ‘yee sang’ (a Chinese New Year dish)! At the same time, the toss is auspiciously called ‘lou sang’ or prosperity toss, a very popular tradition for Malaysian businessmen.

Soon the second course ensued, and we were ready to move it and have some fun being a limbo dancer! ^-^

After several intense rounds, Ku emerged as the champion of this challenging feat, and was crowned as the man who has the most ‘bendable’ torso!

Next, it’s Lucky Draw Round 2! In this round, attractive prizes such as an iPod Nano, external hard disks, backup hard disks, hampers, portable speakers, dining vouchers, etc were to be given away.

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope that this winning marks the beginning of auspiciousness in the year of the Snake!

Subsequently, Exabees are going to play some jovial and amusing games such as musical chairs. Some were lucky enough to win Grand Prizes such as 42” Smart TVs, an iPad and a Dell laptop.

Stay tuned to the upcoming post!

(to be continued)