Great news to Facebook advertisers! With the recent updates, you will be wondering what it is in stores for you.

It started with rumors in the earlier part of the year that there will be changes the way businesses advertise on Facebook. And it turned out that the platform was considering removing limitations on the “20% text rule”.

First reaction from my team was cheers of exclamations  — we can now increase the image text size!

Why did Facebook implement the “20% text rule”?

The idea behind the “20% text rule” is to reduce clutter and text overload. Facebook’s ad system seeks to create maximum value to people and businesses. From their earlier findings, images with fewer text percentage (~ <20%) perform better. They also designed a 20% text guideline tool “Text Overlay Tool” to ease ads’ delivery quality, but it is currently no longer in use. This translated into the extent of reach in our targeted audience. Image ad being flagged with “High” image text volume may not run and the ad system may not even approve the ad.

What is the importance of text on image ads?

While an eye-catching picture captures your attention, the headline and copy continue your story flow. If the copy does not relate to your audience, they will immediately scroll past it. Thus, we need to create catchy and concise copy to engage the readers.

With the easing of this restriction, Facebook no longer withholds the reach. You can now have an image ad with over 20% text and it will reach its desired audience as any other Facebook ad. Nonetheless, Facebook recommends advertisers to shorten our text into a clear and concise manner.