Domain Privacy Protection Necessary

These days, it is harder to get domain privacy due to the internet’s open access to information.

We all ignore domain privacy and frequently provide sensitive information to websites, and you disclosed your information when you registered your branded domain name with your registrar or another reputable source.

It might be difficult to keep private information out of sight of outsiders, so you should take caution with domain privacy.

You won’t have to worry about exposed information if your host provider offers domain protection.

What is Domain Privacy?

Domain privacy protection is an add-on service offered by host providers to clients who choose not to have that information accessible.

The domain privacy policy substitutes generic contact information for any personal information displayed on the ICANN directory.

When one applies our Whois privacy protection to your domain registration, Exabytes will be the only information published in the WHOIS.

One can still be the domain name’s owner, but with domain privacy, anybody wishing to contact based on the information on the domain name must first contact Exabytes.

A domain privacy protection service is one option if one wants to ensure that the public cannot access the personal contact information.

What is contained in the WHOIS Directory?

A public directory that keeps track of all internet domain registrations is the public WHOIS database.

It resembles the process through which an asset one possessed gets registered with a regulating body or registry. 

What Makes Domain Privacy Protection Necessary?

Is domain privacy necessary if you have bought a new domain name and are eager to start developing the business online?

Anyone may access the publicly available WHOIS data by entering registered domain names into any free-to-use WHOIS search engine.

They will thus obtain your personal information if you are not secured with Whois privacy.

Your personal information is all out there, available to spammers and unsolicited marketing and sales calls, and it might even make it possible for your domain privacy to be taken over.

Enter domain privacy protection, a service that masks your contact information by using email addresses that are generated at random and the Whois privacy service’s contact information in place of your actual contact information.

3 Reasons Why You Must Have Domain Privacy 

buy or renew domain name

1# Security against identity theft

Domain privacy protection ensures that your company’s address, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information are not accessible via the WHOIS database.

This stops hackers from obtaining and using this information.

It gives you domain protection from scammers, for example, who may use your personal or business information to create a false identity.

They might use that forged identity to defraud other firms, earning you a terrible reputation.

2# Protection against unauthorized domain transfers

Domain privacy helps protection domain and shields you against fraudulent domain transfers.

It’s a form of scam in which a fraudulent firm poses as a registrar and requests that domain owners like you renew your domains as soon as feasible.

They may send you a renewal notification and request payment as soon as feasible.

3# Stop the sale of personal information.

If Whois privacy protection isn’t in place, someone might easily breach domain privacy, collect all of your personal data, and sell it for a profit.

Many businesses purchase and resell this type of protection domain information.

As a result, you may receive unsolicited emails and phone calls and wonder why you are receiving them. Don’t allow these individuals to take advantage.

4# Stop competitors from acquiring information.

If anybody can access your domain privacy settings and obtain corporate information, it follows that your rivals may do the same.

They can utilize your information to acquire insights about your company.

They can learn how your company operates and which domains you own in order to gain a competitive advantage and capture your market share.

5# Prevent unsolicited phone calls

Getting spam calls is similar to getting unwanted emails. There’s nothing keeping individuals from obtaining the personal information if it’s easily accessible to the public since one doesn’t have domain privacy.

Pushy marketers may obtain the phone number and contact via telemarketing. Scammers may attempt to contact and trick into purchasing items one does not need.

6# Fewer chances of hacking

malware protection

Hackers can access the website during a domain transfer if domain Whois privacy is not enabled.

In this instance, the hackers can take over the domain’s cPanel and, in extreme cases, transfer the domain to its new owner.

Domain privacy protection significantly minimizes the likelihood of hacking.

How Does Domain Privacy Work?

Whois privacy is attainable whenever one needs. When registering a domain, one can have two choices for keeping WHOIS information private and away from the public eye:

1# One can select “Domain Privacy” at the time of domain registration. 

This is strongly advised. The information is safeguarded with domain privacy as soon as one submits it during the domain purchase process.

One should have the ability to add an item to your basket when making a transaction. If not, just give the domain registrar a call, and ask them to guide through the process of adding WHOIS privacy for the protection domain.

2# After buying a domain, choose Domain Privacy

Maybe one would have held the domain for a while and wasn’t aware of the WHOIS privacy policy as a means of data protection domain.

Although it’s not too late to add domain privacy, one should be aware that the details have already been made available to the public in the WHOIS Directory.

However, when the database clears its caches, it is possible to erase this data.


Check with the domain registrar or hosting provider’s customer service to see if one already has domain protection.

As a domain owner, you should consider using the Whois privacy protection add-on.

If you want to get domain privacy or have thoughts around “protection domain”, contact Exabytes sales team.

From domain registration to website security, Exabytes Malaysia has everything one would need to secure a domain name for an ecommerce business.

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