Hossan Leong, Founder of Double Confirm Productions Pte Ltd, Co-founder of Double Confirm Arts & Media Sdn Bhd

Adding Our Unique Flavor to the Entertainment Industry.

Yes, you read it right! In this digital transformation series, we have Hossan Leong (Double Confirm Productions) in the house! For many Singaporeans (such as myself) who know him, has established himself as a household name through his appearances as a comedian, radio deejay, television host, and theatre actor.

But now, he has set his sights to grow and nurture the next generation of talent in Singapore and beyond.

Inspired by the television game show We Are Singaporeans he hosted, Hossan Leong took on the catchphrase “double confirm” as his company name.

It is a familiar local term, which means to confirm something twice, and has become synonymous with Hossan Leong ever since.

In a nutshell, Double Confirm is constantly expanding its horizons to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry, creative concepts, and talents.

Double Confirm (Productions) is established to provide the best performances for any event and occasion. Double Confirm (Performing Arts & Corporate Training) is established in Malaysia, providing entertainment packages and online media skills training.

Tell us more about Double Confirm.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide great creative talents and solutions for the Arts and Entertainment sectors. Hossan Leong wants to use this platform to give opportunities to up and coming talents in the business.

In Malaysia, we are probably one of the few companies fusing Corporate Training with Corporate Entertainment. There was a niche to fill in Johor back in 2015, so we set up the company.

Please share the most memorable challenge when you first started.

It was difficult to separate the ‘Hossan Leong’ brand from the ‘Double Confirm’ brand because they go hand in hand, and clients would always only want to hire Hossan, and not consider other Talents.

Getting the word out that we existed (in Malaysia) was really tough, especially being an English-speaking only Course provider, we felt slightly handicapped by not being able to teach in Mandarin or Malay.

How did you overcome it?

We proved to the industry that every talent hired, is world-class and will deliver the show plus more! We now represent a few amazing actors.

We pressed on, we courted clients that knew they could benefit from our training, but of course we need even more clients to believe in us.

Digital transformation_Hossan Leong_Exabytes Success Story

What motivated you to create a website?

I think people would like to see who we represent, so being able to associate one bio’s profile to a face will provide assurance.

Additionally, a website is the only way to feature and showcase what we do. Our services are unique and tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs.

> Checkout Double Confirm Singapore Site
> Checkout Double Confirm Malaysia Site

How digital innovation helps your business?

We are still in the midst of upgrading our marketing plans and strategies in this digital transformation journey. We realize that being online is the only way forward as of now.

We mainly rely on social media platforms and the website. However, we have yet to see returns from these platforms in Malaysia.

You have experienced the fruit of your startup business. Please share a few encouraging words to aspiring entrepreneurs.

It will be tough to expand your business beyond Singapore like in Malaysia. We are still trying to get a foothold in the Corporate Landscape, so all I can advise is that if you really want it, you really have to keep at it, no two ways about it.

Please share your experience with Exabytes.

In this digital transformation, the support we receive from Exabytes is invaluable, and it takes a load off my mind.

It takes tremendous faith and determination to start up a business. We applaud Hossan Leong and Double Confirm for their unwavering perseverance despite the challenges ahead.

We hope that through this platform, they will be able to reach out to a greater audience. Whether you are in Singapore or in Kuala Lumpur or Johor, Double Confirm is here to meet your needs. 

Wondering how we can help you with your startup or digital transformation journey?  Speak to us today.