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The Next Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know in 2016

One thing is clear for the past 2015 year, Mobile was dominating the marketplace and mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic in more than 10 countries.

Google reported, starting May 2015, this trend would change the way we interact, entertain, educate and shop.

Indeed, that pace continues until now, where consumers all around the world are adopting smart devices such as  FitBit, Apple Watch and Samsung Gear etc, which in turn has open up all kinds of possibilities from mobile search to mobile e-commerce.

So, what’s next in 2016?

1. Mobile Marketing

According to Andy Crestodina, a web strategist and co-founder of Orbit Media“Now that Google has essentially made mobile-friendliness an SEO requirement, we’re witnessing a major push towards mobile optimization that goes beyond responsive design. 

Optimizing for user experience (UX) is going to be huge in 2016.”  An app needs to be cool and amazing. The visual design and the content should be appealing. But that is not enough.

That’s where micro-interactions come in. A frictionless, memorable experience is what really connects with users and feels alive. Micro-interactions, are a way to delight customers and add value to mobile experience.

2. SEO

SEO is not something new in online marketing. Nonetheless, it is constantly evolving. Finding the perfect balance between creating useful content while ensuring the optimization of it for webmasters are certainly an everlasting challenge for all webmasters.

Without a doubt, Google will remain as the leader of engine in 2016, surpassing Bing and Yahoo with 63.9 percent of all internet search traffic.

Rule of thumb — the content of your website is important and an optimization of a website page for a specific keyword is the first step to leverage SEO. Higher quality content gives higher search engine ranking.

Remember that great ideas and knowledge can add great values to your business. Exabytes SEO services helps your website rank at the TOP of the search engine result page to create more online presence compare with competitors.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities, with 73 percent of internet users had at least one social networking profile in 2015. Over the last couple of years, we’ve also seen social media play a crucial role in marketplace; 2014, total US sales that could be tracked to social media reached $3.3 billion. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. are becoming all grown up.

Thus, one of the key strategies marketers need to implement in 2016 is a faster response times. Thanks to advances made to social listening and automation tools, if you’re not quick to respond one of your competitors will be. Social media is moving fast, so if your business has a presence on any of the platforms then you’d better keep up.

Bottom Line

We need to start looking towards the trends that we can expect to see in this year. Understanding impactful marketing trends is essential to plan and build a smarter digital marketing strategy in 2016.

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, it’s crucial that you’re trying to keep up. With the competition gearing up to stand out more fiercely than ever, a competitive and creative digital strategy is prominent for your business in 2016.

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