How well do you know about Cyber Security?

We have just the perfect illustration for you to get to know cyber security better. Imagine this: your website is a piece of sweet and irresistible cake/cookie. What would happen if you leave it outside in the open? You could attract some unwanted attentions or ‘guests’. This example applies to your website if you just leave it in the vast network without protection.

Question 1 : What might happen if you leave your cake out in the open?

  • Attract ants because your cakes are just perfect for them. And hackers just love your website!
  • Messed and spoilt in the end. Being attacked by malwares are equally painful (if not more).

Question 2 : How to prevent the bad guys from taking over your ‘cakes’ ?

  • Install a SSL Certificate in your website.

    SSL Certificate served as a fundamental of your website. It’s a label to let Google and visitors recognize that your website is a safe site to browse. Just like cakes you find at the market. Would you get one if you know that cake is out there, without any sort of case or coverage? Other than ensuring your transaction in e-commerce website is secure, SSL Certificate is able to gain trust and confidence from customer sides as well. Get Special 20% OFF in SSL Certificate.

    ssl certificate

  • Get a Virus Protection System/Software.

    AntiVirus Protection is not a new term if you are a frequent internet/computer users. To prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands,you need an antivirus system to stay safe. Just like you need to cover and keep your cakes in to avoid ants invasion! Don’t let the bad guys steal your hard effort after building your website. There are way too many active malwares in the market right now. Read this case study that happened in Singapore recently. >> Backdoor Attack Website in Singapore

    cybersecurity awareness month

  • AntiSpam Solution.

    Viruses come through various channels. And email is one of the ways they reached you easily. Hackers like to use personalized tone to trigger victims in order to click the email link. What you can do to prevent them from the start is to not let them in! Plus, you will have more time to handle important tasks instead of spending time to filter spam mails manually.

    cybersecurity awareness month

Lastly, it is vital to add a security solution to your domain and web hosting. It may seem like a trivial task, but it could cost you everything if you failed to prevent those bad guys from coming in. Hope you likes the tips! Bear in mind, your cookies are irresistible! That’s why the bad guys are looking for you! Special Deals for your Website Security 

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