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cPanel is the world’s favourite control panel to work with Linux-based web hosting solutions. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and has a flowing interface to work with.

Before we move further to know more about cPanel Hosting and Web Hosting Manager (WHM), let’s understand the concept of a web hosting control panel.

What is a Control Panel?

A tool that allows users to “control” or manage their web hosting account is a control panel.

Every control panel will have a user interface with numerous icons, sections, and features to either view or edit system settings.

What Is a Web Hosting Control Panel?

The web hosting control panel is software installed on any server or computer to manage or monitor the whole hosting infrastructure from a single dashboard with different choices.

Web hosting control panels are important because it gives the administrator to monitor their server, files and other resources, fix problems and update the website without having to contact technical support.

Mostly, web hosting control panel is provided by web hosting services that allows users to manage their servers and hosted services.

cPanel Dashboard

What Are the Functions Included in cPanel?

A cPanel login gives you nine different sections to work with. These are: –

  • Email Accounts
  • File system manager
  • Databases
  • Domains
  • Metrics
  • Security
  • Software
  • Advanced Configurations
  • Preferences

Tasks that are performed on the control panel

From the Control Panel interface, you can do the following web and server administration tasks:

Administration of the Account

Changing your billing profile, renewing your plan, updating your password, and other account administration activities can be done through your control panel.

Domain Management

The control panel will allow you to do all of the following domain name-related functions:

  • Renewal of the domain
  • Changing the DNS
  • Domain forwarding with MX records
  • Management of subdomains
  • IP addresses for new domains are being registered.

Installation with a Single Click

One-click Installers do what they say: you search for the product you want and then click “install.” The installer will handle the remainder.

Email Management

Your control panel can also be used to:

  • Create email accounts
  • Configure email forwarders
  • Set up anti-spam email filters
  • Control your email accounts
  • Delete email accounts


File Transfer Protocol is a method for accessing files and directories on a server. It’s also how you transfer files.

Database Management

The MySQL databases included with web hosting services are sufficient for most individuals. As a result, numerous control panels are compatible with MySQL.


Most control panels have a built-in file backup application that runs regularly. You can access third-party backup options if the inbuilt one is not sufficient.


The control panel allows you to manage live chat assistance and other on-demand help options.

Top 12 Benefits of cPanel Hosting

cPanel is used by most hosting services as part of their managed hosting services. Lets look at ten benefits a cPanel login gives to web hosting customers.

Self Service

A cPanel hosting plan allows you to work (almost) independently on your website. All you have to is log in to the control panel using your cPanel login and perform any action you want to manage your website. It is simple website hosting at its best.

Ease of Use

There are very few control panels which are as easy and simple to use as cPanel.

Whether it is an individual with little or no experience of managing websites or a technophobe, cPanel hosting is a walk in the park.

The cPanel user interface is the simplest out there in the market.

Install and Go

Name a software and you would probably have it within cPanel. Questions like how to upload sitemap in cPanel, how to access my WordPress in cPanel will all be from a bygone era!

Once you login to cPanel, all you have to do is navigate to the software section and click on whatever you want.  See below for an example.

cPanel Email Management

Domain Management

Be it configuration of add-on domains, or a sub-domain to an existing domain, it is all 1 touch system within cPanel hosting.

See the options to self-manage domain operations with cPanel login.

cPanel Domain Management

Security Options

One single cPanel login gives you access to eleven different security settings to protect your website and online business.

The low cPanel hosting price makes it cheap and effective to secure your e-commerce business.

License Cost

Talking of cheap web hosting and hosting services, cPanel licence costs are some of the lowest in the entire web hosting industry.

If someone asks how to create a website, the best answer is simple website hosting with a cPanel login.

cPanel Security Management

Effective Compatibility

cPanel control panel is compatible with every browser on the planet. Be it Chrome, Edge, Opera, Mozilla or any other browser, it works like a charm with all of them.

Installation of plugins and browser extensions for hassle free website management.

Email Management

There is no other control panel which makes it as easy as cPanel to work with emails and settings.

A cPanel login gives you 16 different options, it is like email hosting within cPanel hosting.

Databases as a Service

With cPanel hosting, working with open source databases is very simple. Be it MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin – its all there within the cPanel control panel.

The dependency on a database administrator automatically decreases with so many options.

Backup and Recovery

The ability to generate backups and restore it on demand, and configure scheduled backs ups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is of utmost importance for any website.

A cPanel login with cPanel hosting plan is simple website hosting with the most robust backup features available.

Self installer for scripts and apps 

A cPanel hosting plan almost always comes with Softaculous – a self-installer for uncomplicated 1 touch installation of the most popular add-ons and plugins. See below to know more.

Softaculous Apps Installer - cPanel

Website usage statistics

A cPanel hosting account gives you ten different website usage statistics to understand what is working and not working on your site.

All you must do is get your cPanel login and then go to your “Metrics” section to view what’s happening.

From number of visitors on your website to bandwidth usage details, server-side raw access figures, webalizer FTP stats, Awstats – all of it is just a click away.

Such features are extremely helpful for online business portals, ecommerce stores and SEO optimization.

The data and insight which comes out of these tools will help make fact-based decisions to fine tune marketing, SEO and digital advertising.

How to access cPanel?

A cPanel login access can be obtained only if the host uses it and gives a direct link to log in for complete access.

If the link isn’t there, one can go to the browser, put the cursor in the address bar, and type in the domain name with cPanel if it has been purchased.

One can also use port numbers to access cPanel directly, a little more like tech support folks

After having typed these in the browser, press enter. A login screen will come in as below. Just enter your login details provided by your cPanel hosting provider.

The next time someone asks a question “how to create a website”, or wants to know more about simple website hosting, is looking for cheap domain and hosting, best web hosting, or any web hosting services – cPanel hosting is the answer for all of it!

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