Auto-responder in cPanel
What is Auto-Responder in cPanel?

An auto-responder enables you to send a response automatically to a specific email address which can set up within your email setting.

So, when is the best time to use the autoresponder function?
Autoresponder can be used to notify clients that you have received their emails. It is also extremely useful when you are on holidays/unavailable, since you can inform people who send emails to you that you are away, and will reply to their emails when you resume work.

cPanel: How to Setup an Autoresponder

Let’s get started on how to set up an email auto-responder.

Step 1: Login to cPanel.

Just few simple procedures to login your cPanel, read this article to guide you step by step.
How to Login Your cPanel ?

Step 2: Scroll down until you see the tab named ‘Mail’.
Click on the ‘Autoresponders’ icon.


Step 3 : Click on the “Add Auto Responder” button.


Step 4: Enter the email address you want to set for an auto-responder.


Step 5: Key in the details needed for ‘From’ (who or which email add will be sending this auto-responding email) and ‘Subject’ (the email subject of your auto-responding email) fields of your auto-responding email.

AutoResponder- step 5

Step 6:  Compose the content of your email responder.
Enter your message in the ‘Body’ box.

AutoResponder- step 6

Step 7: Click Create/Modify

AutoResponder- step 7

Done! An email autoresponder has been created.

Modify an Auto-Responder

To edit an autoresponder, perform the adhering to steps:

  1. Locate the autoresponder that you intend to modify in the Current Autoresponders table and also click Edit. A brand-new user interface will certainly show up.
  2. Edit the autoresponder’s details.
  3. Click Modify.

Remove an Auto-Responder

To erase an autoresponder, do the complying with actions:

  1. Find the autoresponder that you wish to erase in the Current Autoresponders table and also click Remove. A verification message will certainly show up.
  2. Click Erase Autoresponder.

For more information, read this article about Auto-Responder cPanel

In fact, cPanel offers a lot of functions that many of us may not realize and it’s great to explore!

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