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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer – a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. This protocol is developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet.

Secure Socket Layer works by making sure that any type of information transferred in between website and users, or between two systems, remains difficult to review.

It uses security algorithms to clamber data in transit, which prevents cyberpunks from reviewing it as it is sent out over the link.

This data consists of possibly sensitive information such as names, addresses, charge card numbers, or various other economic information.

Do you always have these questions in mind: Should I get a Secure Socket Layer certificate for my website?

Read more about types of SSL certificates before purchase, secure socket layer will ensure your website is secure and protected.

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According to OpenSRS, there are 2 important things that we must acknowledge about the Secure Socket Layer:

#1 SSL isn’t just for banks and big businesses

SSL Security Protection

Regardless of the size of your business, as long as you are using an e-commerce website and mailing list, it’s still important to have SSL to provide encryption.

This is to create a sense of confidence in customers that the transmission of data is safe and encrypted.

#2 Aren’t just for the big guys anymore

SSL certificate website safety

High-end SSL products such as Extended Validation (EV) certificates aren’t just for the big guys anymore

Customers only choose who they can trust to deal with online. Extended Validation Certificates provided end-users with peace of mind. Why? This is because they know who they are sending the data to!

How does SSL Certificate Boost Sales?

1. SSL Certificate improve SEO ranking

Business can increase their possibilities of showing up greater on the search results page by setting up a website security certificate. Seems antique?

You would certainly be surprised to know that the estimated search engine optimization investing of large brands and firms in the United States alone goes beyond $79.27 billion.

So, it is time to magnify your SEO initiatives and also you can do that by installing an SSL Certificate and planning a reliable content method to opt for it.

2. Gain your customer’s trust with SSL Security Cues

Based on Google Chrome Help, the Chrome browser began marking sites without HTTPS as ‘not secure’ as well as various other leading web browsers have complied with the suit.

You can enhance your company by making use of SSL certifications as a result of the trust badge that puts the consumers’ minds secure and also increases the conversion price.

Likewise, it makes your site show up even more legit and trusted.

3. SSL Security Compliance

Choose the appropriate certification and you should buy from reputed SSL carriers. If you have for instance multiple subdomains after that, a Wildcard SSL is a suitable option.

As a business website that approves internet repayments, it is constantly better to develop a different ‘settlement’ subdomain as well as secure it.

What is SSL Wildcard Certificate?

Wildcard SSL Certificates is a solitary certification with a wildcard personality (*) in the domain field. This allows the certificate to secure multiple domains (hosts) relating to the very same base domain.

4. SSL boost for better online business credibility

The Certification Authority (CA) supplies business owners with a chance to have their business and its lawful existence validated.

When that is with, the CA discusses it in the openly readable digital certification which advertises count on and also boosts the chances of conversion.

5. SSL Encryption with HTTPS

Cybercriminals are continuously searching for a weak link that can be manipulated to launch an attack on their ultimate target.

Therefore, they discover ways to break into the private network of local businesses that provides services to their target business.

This kind of strike is referred to as a supply chain strike where small vendors and big companies are targeted.

If you are a service provider or a supplier of a big business, you can boost your organization by utilizing Secure Socket Layer certificates because it encrypts communication between the client and also the webserver.

This could be consumer data, service information, communication, login credentials, etc.


Therefore, it’s important to educate your customers when offering SSL certificates and SiteLock, to ensure that they know what is involved in the process.

It is important to make sure your customer knows what to expect during the validation process and what documentation is required of them.

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