Best News and Blog Websites Ranking in Singapore to Follow

Singapore has a 92% internet penetration rate which means 92 out of 100 people use the internet.

The average time users spent online on Singapore news alternative online platform or Singapore blog is close to 7 and half hours in Singapore. This results in huge potential for Singapore blog sites to grow.

Approximately a user spends a little over 2 hours reading press media including both online and physical print based on a study conducted by GWI in Q3 2021.

Digital marketers should focus on creating informative and engaging content to reach relevant audiences.

A digital marketer should keep an eye on the latest Singapore news alternative online and leading Singapore blogs.

Google Alerts

Google alerts is a free notification tool developed by Google that sends the user an email or adds items to an RSS feed whenever one’s brand, name, or any search term is mentioned on websites indexed by Google.

A lot of Singapore news alternative online platform and blog website are available online and these sites also allow one to set Google alerts to receive notification whenever a new article is released.

Let us collate some of the best Singapore news alternative online and Singapore blog websites one must follow to keep themselves updated.

The Independent News & Media

The Independent News & Media

Independent Singapore is a Singapore news alternative online platform owned and operated by journalists, it brings an independent perspective on current affairs and news in Singapore.

They cover articles on topics such as Singapore politics, entertainment, business and economy, lifestyle, and international topics covering the Asia Pacific and the USA.

One can use google alerts to monitor the web and get alerts for interesting new content of their choice.



Mothership is a leading youth-focused digital Singapore news alternative online platform, connecting people locally and globally through high-quality and wide-ranging multimedia news and entertainment content.

They have the highest local penetration amongst all digital-only Singapore news alternative online platforms as of 2021.

More than two-thirds of their audience age ranges from 25 to 44. Setting up google alerts for this platform enables one to stay updated of all latest posts on the website.

The Online Citizen – TOC

The Online Citizen - TOC

The Online Citizen is a regional online Singapore blog site and currently based in Taiwan, the longest-running independent media online platform.

They cover articles related to current affairs, finance, politics, lifestyle-related travel, law and order, and more also acting as a great Singapore news alternative online platform.

In 2020, The Online Citizen was renamed to The Online Citizen Asia, after they shifted their coverage from solely Singapore towards the greater region of Asia. They retained the abbreviation of TOC to reflect its legacy.

Hardware Zone Singapore

Hardware Zone Singapore

All related to products and gadgets reviews, latest technology news, and updates

Hardware Zone is an IT-oriented online Singapore blog operated by Hardware Zone Private Limited. They are known for the latest gadgets and product reviews, a one-stop solution for all your tech-related queries.

Hardware Zone Singapore blog website provides a deals section wherein users can check out the products that are available at a discount for a specific period or sale. They also provide a marketplace wherein people can buy or sell stuff they would like to.

One can receive information about latest deals by setting google alerts.

Tr Emeritus

Tr Emeritus

This blog site represents Singaporeans’ voices for Singapore.

TR Emeritus is a socio-political Singapore blog, they are known for its sharply critical government views.

Updates and news on the sports section are available as well for which google alerts can be set if you wish to be updated real time when an article is posted.

Today Online Singapore

Today Online Singapore

Today Online is a Singapore news alternative online provider, and the largest media broadcaster known for the latest and trending news from Singapore, Asia, and all around the world.

Reader profile of Today Online consists of professionals, managers, executives, and business people who stay tuned with the website with google alerts set.

Business Insider Singapore 

Business Insider Singapore 

All about the latest finance and business, and also trending news

Business Insider, a Singapore news alternative online platform that is well-known for content across categories such as the latest business and finance news, career and life news, and more trending news and videos.

They also have a dedicated technology-related section known as Tech Insider.

Red Sports – Always Game

Red Sports – Always Game

Red Sports as the name suggests is a Singapore blog based on sports. Red Sports is the place where the latest updates on what’s going on in gaming and sporting events are available.

This allows the athletes to share their stories and encourages the sporting culture.

Great Deals Singapore

Great Deals Singapore

Great Deals is a Singapore blog site that provides collated deals available at discounts, one can consume.

They provide deals across categories such as food, travel, fashion, entertainment, and technology related.

One should check this Singapore blog before making purchases by setting google alerts for a specific products one can increase their savings.

How to Keep Track of News From Multiple Sources?

We have seen some of the top Singapore news alternative online and blogs, everyone has some area of specialization.

Checking multiple options could be overwhelming sometimes for which google alerts with basic functionalities can be a great option with basic functionalities.

Google alerts let users monitor keywords related to specific brands or industries and get all the big stories directly to their inboxes.

To avoid flooding emails in the inbox with generic search terms in google alerts, use plus symbol to look for multiple keywords in the same search.

Optimize SEO for content marketing

In the age of google and social media domination, it becomes critical to optimize the SEO to attract organic and valuable traffic flow.

Content marketers should optimize their content and set up google alerts to make it valuable in the eyes of Google.

As a result, enlisting the assistance of a dedicated professional SEO specialist can help provide best-in-class professional advice and execute SEO strategies to achieve the desired results.

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