Succeed with LinkedIn Cold Outreach Messages

A stunning 25% of LinkedIn’s members are senior influencers, and 92% of Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn, which has 675 million users.

A study published on growthonomics has elaborated more on this and may other facets about how LinkedIn works for marketing.

In order to obtain top company executives via a cold outreach on LinkedIn, there are many LinkedIn prospecting strategies, including the LinkedIn tool and LinkedIn ads.

While there are numerous avenues of striking up a conversation with prospects and target audiences, engaging with them via a cold outreach on LinkedIn in the hopes of being able to forge an engagement is an underused strategy.

What is a Cold Outreach on LinkedIn?

Linkedln cool outreach messages
Example of Linkedln Cool Message

Cold outreach on LinkedIn involves identifying and connecting with new LinkedIn users who might be prospects.

LinkedIn Ads outreach campaigns can lead to many introductions to excellent prospects. However, there is more to the process than that. 

There are various methods, like LinkedIn ads, to perform sales outreach, but one of the best places for B2B businesses to get leads is through a cold outreach on LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of cold outreach on LinkedIn for businesses?

Simply put, a cold outreach on LinkedIn refers to contacting a potential client in the same way one would have done so by phone or email.

In addition to using LinkedIn rather than traditional methods, cold outreach on LinkedIn as a strategy has many advantages.

The use of a cold outreach on LinkedIn method has the following benefits:

  1. More often than not, a cold outreach on LinkedIn is an almost assured gateway to high-quality prospects who are otherwise unreachable or not willing to engage in a conversation.
  2. For attracting new clients, cold outreach on LinkedIn is a cheap strategy.
  3. A cold outreach on LinkedIn campaign could be very helpful in reaching an infinite number of contacts related to the target audience or a specific domain.
  4. By utilizing a cold outreach on LinkedIn, one can establish relationships with potential clients even before having a product or service to sell.
  5. The more connections one cultivates, the more likely it is that they will buy from one when one has something to offer as a product or service.
  6. A cold outreach on LinkedIn is a great way to increase brand recognition.

The Challenges of LinkedIn Cold Messages

The biggest challenge is making sure that your messages are not seen as spam. It’s important to ensure that you are sending personalized messages that are relevant and engaging to the recipient.

It can be difficult to get your message read and responded to in the face of an ever-growing number of messages sent via the platform.

Additionally, it is important to be mindful of the rules and regulations set by LinkedIn when it comes to cold messaging people.

Cold Outreach on LinkedIn – 6 Steps to Success

LinkedIn messages

Let’s structure a cold outreach on LinkedIn process for it to become a simple, easy step-by-step process to follow.

1. Determine who the target market is.

To begin with, one must identify their target market. That’s something one will need to accomplish on their own, This research is also beneficial for LinkedIn ads.

2. Search for the target market using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Create a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account if one doesn’t already have one. Next, run a search for the target audience, utilizing the numerous advanced search options to truly hyper-target the appropriate demographic.

For example – as a cold outreach on LinkedIn activity, look up all second-degree connections to people who work for companies with between one and 200 employees, have the seniority level of “VP,” and match the term “VP sales.”

3. Find email addresses by connecting with people.

You can typically get someone’s email address by visiting their profile and selecting “Contact details” once they accept your connection request.

Afterward, one can view their contact information, which usually includes an email address and sometimes a phone number.

Such contacts used as part of a cold outreach on LinkedIn activity almost always reach the intended recipients and grab their attention.

Using a LinkedIn email finder tool will simplify the process significantly compared to manually collecting email addresses.

4. Send a message on LinkedIn (or a series of messages).

Keep your message simple and personable when sending a connection request on LinkedIn. Default messages are frequently dismissed as spam.

Adding value to individuals’ feeds and providing guidance and assistance on LinkedIn would be wonderful if one is pursuing the strategy of cold outreach on LinkedIn.

You can automate the messaging process if you have more important things to do than create new connections on LinkedIn and spend the day looking for ways to add value to everyone you connect with.

A cold outreach on LinkedIn program may be used to send a series of messages to new contacts after connecting with them, each spaced a few days apart.

5. Incentives are a great way to get them to respond.

Unless the stranger had a compelling argument, most people would not respond to a cold outreach on LinkedIn.

While the initial cold outreach on LinkedIn effort should be more about developing a connection than selling, one should nonetheless make an effort to keep the discussion going.

Finish the cold outreach on LinkedIn with a question that will pique the prospect’s interest. This might be a question about their past experiences, their interests, a connection they share, or even their job or position.

6. Follow up and stay on top of things

Be welcoming, kind, and respectful when responding to a cold outreach on LinkedIn.

Keep track of the leads one contacts via cold outreach on LinkedIn and follow up with them if they don’t respond immediately, as one may not be contacting one lead at a time.


When used in the right sequence, LinkedIn outreach strategies can significantly improve the reply or response rates of most cold outreach on LinkedIn campaigns.

It is important to modify cold outreach on LinkedIn in accordance with the strategy and the contacts one hopes to connect with if one wishes to get the most out of it.

A successful cold outreach on LinkedIn activity has to be paired with a sound LinkedIn ads strategy for it to be most effective.

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