Which Co-Working Space is the Best

Singapore’s co-working space options have shrunk during the past few years.

While the pandemic has highlighted the benefits of remote work, working from home has its unique challenges, including distracting locations, a lack of resources, and other issues but coworking spaces have a role in this.

According to statista, there will be 19,421 coworking spaces worldwide in 2020. Predictions state that there will be 41,975 coworking spaces worldwide by the end of 2024.

In Singapore, there are 83% of coworking spaces in the central city centers, 12% on the outskirts, and 5% in the suburbs. There is a distinct distribution of office workspace between the regions in the center.

Co-working spaces are unquestionably the best option for Singaporeans who need a dedicated office workspace and tourists looking for a temporary shared office while on vacation because they offer increased flexibility, competitive prices, and a personalized office workspace experience while surrounded by like-minded people.

Here are the Singapore’s top coworking space with its cost:

1# The Executive Center

The Executive Centre (TEC)

The Executive Centre has been around since 1994 and currently has over 165 centres in 33 cities and 14 different countries located in Asia. They specialize in providing quality flexible workspace solutions, making them one of the leading providers in their category.

The Executive Centre is the third largest serviced office provider in Asia, granting ambitious professionals and industry leaders access to more than just a workspace. It provides an environment for their organisation to succeed and prosper.

TEC offers a variety of unique and high-quality workspaces, concierge services, meetings and conference rooms tailored to the needs of any business.

With TEC coworking space, you can work efficiently and with peace of mind. Begin your monthly rates begin at $450 SGD.

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Visit the official website here: The Executive Centre

2# JustCo

JustCo Flexible Coworking Space

JustCo, which has the largest coworking space network in the Asia Pacific, is revolutionizing the shared office sector by fusing together several office workspace types to allow businesses flexibility over when, where, and how they work.

JustCo promises to offer a highly qualified, committed workforce to help with services like administration, IT, and security in addition to access to a vast network with more than 100,000 members, and the Monthly Rates Begin at $ 398 SGD.

3# Distrii

Distrii Singapore

Leading provider of personalised coworking space solutions, Distrii has expanded across Asia, working with over 20,000 users and 600 different enterprises.

The large board rooms with video conferencing equipment, smart boards, and carefully chosen furniture increase work efficiency while offering affordable shared office solutions to space limitations. The monthly Rates Begin at $ 550 SGD.

4# WeWork

WeWork coworking space

WeWork is an international shared office business that specialises in the coworking space industry and is trusted by 40% of the Global Fortune 500.

WeWork has developed 10 facilities, the most recent of which is the 200th facility worldwide and is located in the Jalan Besar neighborhood.

The packages start from the $ 490 SGD each month

5# Servcorp

The coworking space market is dominated by Servcorp, which offers the greatest communication systems for both domestic and international tenants.

Servcorp, which houses 60,000 shared offices in more than 150 prominent locations across the world, offers support unmatched by any other provider thanks to its industry-leading technology, highly skilled administrative staff, and flexible terms.

Servcorp’s coworking space package starts at S$350 SGD per month.

6# The Hive

The Hive provides exciting and well-equipped office workspaces with the best in class experience and excellent share office service around the Asia Pacific from its 21 shared offices.

Their gorgeous, luminous environment, special atrium, and vibrant community foster innovation, productivity, and creativity for all coworking space businesses.

Their innovative and artistic office facility in Singapore has many meeting rooms, lounge areas, and baristas that serve freshly roasted coffee every day. Its services start from $ 250 SGD per month.

7# Compass Offices

Compass Offices offers an adaptable and multi-purpose office workspace for networking and collaboration in Singapore’s Central Business District.

Their coworking space offers a highly personalized office workspace with warm tones, breakout zones, quiet corners, and access to a network of business people, together with spectacular views of Marina Bay and the Singapore River.

Compass Offices will make sure to offer a positive environment backed by qualified services, so one can concentrate on what they do best. The prices begin at $1100 SGD.

8# The Work Project

Award-winning coworking space performance standards, The Work Project strives to create office workspaces that transform employees’ attitudes toward going to work and foster a sense of community.

Leading designers at The Work Project have built a sumptuous and energizing coworking space environment to bring out the best in all organizations with cutting edge design and breathtaking shapes. The monthly rent starts at $ 295 SGD.

9# Workbuddy

Workbuddy is a membership coworking space package that provides one with on-demand access to more than 50 of the greatest coworking places in town.

One can work at venues all across Singapore, such as WeWork, The Work Project, Csuites, and others, with this membership.

Its membership starts at just $129 SGD per month, which is also reasonably priced.

10# Gather Cowork

This quaint pet-friendly coworking space in Singapore is close to the CBD and is surrounded by a variety of health and lifestyle businesses.

Gather Cowork, designed for the modern business owner, allows one access to a variety of coworking workspace choices, including fully equipped studio offices, custom suites, and event rooms for any activity or occasion. starting at $750 SGD per month.

11# Trehaus

Trehaus is the best office workspace to work while the kids are playing and learning. Trehaus School, a preschool and childcare center with Silicon Valley influences, is in charge of this integrated co-lifestyle area.

This 18-month-to-6-year-old preschool uses the Littles’ Programme curriculum, a proprietary program that fosters character development and cultivates the next generation of changemakers. Its monthly plans start at $ 480 SGD.

Exabytes Partner Program for Co-Working Space

The goal of this office workspace collaboration initiative is to help coworking spaces and the people who use them.

Coworking spaces can anticipate free workshops and events led by experts from Exabytes at their facilities, along with other exciting advantages.

Additionally, a few users may qualify for Exabytes JumpStart Program business investment, which would significantly help the startup.

Partner’s Advantages:

  • Exabytes will conduct workshops to impart knowledge and skills to the coworking space members.
  • Exabytes will market the coworking space to its clients by displaying the company logo in the special partner section.
  • Materials for recruiting startups to use the premises.


In Singapore, where coworking spaces are still relatively young, an impetus for entrepreneurship has been created by the rise of both domestic and international enterprises.

One can take advantage of our coworking space program and benefit their members. To find out more about Exabytes partner program, contact us now.

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