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More Affiliate Marketing Programs for all affiliate marketers out there in Singapore! Here’s the second part of some of the best high paying affiliate programs you can find in Singapore.

If you’ve missed the first part, you may click here to view our previous blog post.


8) LassPass Affiliate Marketing Program

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager with a virtual vault that allows individuals or businessmen to store their encrypted passwords, view and manage items that they had saved inside it. LastPass can sync the passwords or items stored in the vault regardless if users are using Windows, Android, iOS or MacOS devices. LastPass was designed and built to be very secure — even the LastPass team doesn’t have the key to access their customer accounts.

LastPass Target Audience

LastPass is suitable for all kinds of industries, and especially for those who have many accounts to remember or secure. It is also right for people who seek the highest level of security.

LastPass Review

Based on the review of G2, about 69% out of 644 reviewers rated 5 Stars, 23% of reviewers rated 4 Stars and only 6% of reviewers rated 3 or less for LastPass. This shows users are most likely to be satisfied with using LastPass to manage their passwords or other items.

However, some reviewers did mention that user interface can be confusing or not so easy to use.

LastPass Affiliate Commissions

There are 4 highly trusted product offerings for personal and business use, namely ‘Premium and Families for personal’ and ‘Teams and Enterprise for Business’. Each of these 4 products offers a 25% commission to its affiliate on a completed purchase.

It’s free to enroll into LastPass affiliate program. LastPass is using Impact Radius as a platform for their affiliate to register or login to the affiliate program. Click here to join LastPass affiliate program.

9) Amazon Associates

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon is the world’s largest and most well-known brand for its E-commerce platform. Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program also known as Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Target Audience

The E-Commerce platform of Amazon has a great variety of products and therefore the target audience can be very broad. It largely depends on the content, knowledge or experiences of the website owners to promote products as an affiliate through their affiliate links.

Amazon Associate Program Review

Based on the review of Brady Cargle, content manager of Niche Pursuits, Amazon Associate Program review scored an 85%. The score was divided into 4 categories: ease of use, range of products, commissions and customer service.

For the ease of use, Brady rated it a 95%, range of products at 80%, commissions at 90% and customer service the lowest among all four categories, 75%.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Amazon Associate Program, shall we?

First Amazon has a huge number of products for its affiliate to choose to promote. Second, it offers attractive commissions which you will find out soon.

Third, their support is nice and friendly. Lastly, Amazon is an easy to use affiliate program because affiliate can get the link they want by simply searching for the products they wish to promote and use SiteStripe to get the link. To find out how to do it, click here.

Now comes the cons of Amazon Associate Program.

First, Amazon’s Terms of Service can be quite confusing and hard to understand by many even SEO specialists. Reinstatement is possible but the process may be difficult.

Second, the support sometimes gives wrong or contradictory information about Amazon policies due to the complexity of the policy.

Lastly, Amazon might not be the very best for some specific niches. You may have heard that Amazon has done great in niches but it is still worth to check out other options that may offer a better commission rate and cookies duration for your targeted niche.

Amazon Associate Program Commissions

Amazon offers a wide range of commissions as it has a huge number and a wide range of products. Amazon has 13 different product categories with different commission rates. The commission ranges in between 1% to 10%.

If you are planning on promoting luxury beauty items, consider Amazon as it offers 10% of commission, the highest commission rates among Amazon’s product categories.

If you’re interested, click here to join Amazon Associate Program.

10) Funding Societies Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Funding Societies?

Funding Societies is a South East Asia based peer-to-peer money lending company for SME (small-to-medium enterprise). Funding Societies provides an online platform that allows SME businesses to seek funds from a pool of investors through crowdfunding to grow their business.

Funding Societies Target Audience

The target audience for Funding Societies is mostly investors and SMEs. In Funding Societies, SME are required to make a “Fact Sheet” which consists of :

  1. The summary of the company’s business
  2. Who’s the director of the company
  3. The summary of the audited financial records
  4. Other financial details

This allows investors to know who the borrowers (SME Company) are, the purpose of the loan and how the SME company intends to repay.

Funding Societies Review

The reviews at Seedly(SG) show that Funding Societies Singapore scored 4.3 Stars with the opinion of 68 reviewers. Some reviewers mentioned Funding Societies was easy to use and could perform transactions between both desktop and mobile apps.

However, it shows a slightly lower rating on Google Review (SG) where it only managed to score 3.3 Stars with 8 reviewer’s opinions. Well, those are the reviews from Singapore. The reviews at Google Review shows that Funding Societies Malaysia scores 3.7 Stars with 13 reviewer’s opinion.

KCLau, a personal finance author and trainer, wrote about his personal experience with Funding Societies and shared his experience on his blog about the 7 Things You Need To Know About Funding Societies Before You Invest and also his first loss investing with Funding Societies.

Although he suffered a loss, he did mention in his blog about the process, actions, and effort that Funding Societies took to recover the losses for the respective investors.

This increased investor confidence toward Funding Societies as they had been transparent, proactive and protective of their investors’ investments made on their platform, which in turn made them a trustworthy company.

Funding Societies Affiliate Marketing Commission

Based on their website, it seems that it does not have any referral program for Indonesia. Although the referral program is available in Singapore, it did not mention the commission rate it offers. If you join Singapore Funding Societies affiliate network, you will earn yourself commissions with just 4 simple steps below:

  1. Register as a Funding Societies investor
  2. Share your referral code with your friend
  3. Ensure your friend keys in your referral code during registration
  4. Both you and your friend will earn commissions when each made a specific amount of investments

Visit here to know more about Funding Societies Affiliate Program and the terms and conditions.

11) Udemy Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform with more than 24 million students and a thousand courses to choose from. Udemy allows people to learn anything from video courses on their desired schedule.

Udemy Target Audience

Udemy target audience is mostly young adults who are looking to learn a new hobby, new skills or re-skill themselves on their career path or for a career change. Most of the content on Udemy is skill-based and less academic.

This can attract young adults who seek to pick up a skill instead of academic pursuit. By joining these courses, users can boost their job performance, increase their job opportunities. As for students, they can acquire new skills before entering the job market.

Udemy Review

Based on the review from TrustPilot, Udemy scored about 2.7 Stars in overall. 16% out of 451 reviewers gave 1 Star (Bad), 3% for 2 Stars (Poor), 7% for 3 Stars (Average), 14% for 4 Stars (Great) and 60% voted 5 Stars (Excellent). Some of the complaints were on either bad customer support, bad content or misquoted prices. On the other hand, some reviewers said Udemy is a great platform for learning with a great variety of technical courses available. However, research on instructors is a must before signing up for a course.

Udemy Affiliate Commission

As an affiliate for Udemy, you get to earn around 15% commission per sale. Furthermore, Udemy also offers a subpar 7 day cookie period to convert sales. The pros of Udemy affiliate marketing program are that Udemy is a well-recognized brand, and thousands of courses and promotional materials are available for their affiliate to promote.

If you’re interested to join Udemy Affiliate Program, click here.

12) Fiverr Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelancers to offer services to customers. Gigs are known as services offered on Fiverr by sellers (freelancers) and bought by buyers (employers).

Fiverr Target Audience

The target audience for Fiverr is freelancers (sellers) who are skillful and knowledgeable in a certain field, and employers (buyers) who are seeking services or products at an affordable and reasonable price. Fiverr was once popular because employers were able to seek for a gig that was only $5. Today, you may still be able to find some services or products at the price of $5, but many charges more than that.

Fiverr Review

Based on the reviews at TrustPilot, it seems there’s a poor rating for Fiverr. About 33% of reviewers voted 5 Stars (Excellent). However, about 51% voted 1 Star (Bad).

Most of the complaints came from Freelancers (Sellers) as they are asked by the employer (buyers) to do something out of their paid amount or job scope. Sellers are threatened by buyers that they would receive negative reviews if they did not perform the extra task requested by the buyers.

Some complaints from buyers indicated that they had paid a decent amount to sellers but the quality of services they receive did not meet their expectations, or the demo did not jive with sellers’ products.

Moreover, both parties did have an unsatisfactory experience with the lack of support from the Fiverr’s support team.

Fiverr Affiliate Commission

There are many different types of products or services offered at Fiverr therefore Fiverr offers different payouts depending on what products or services you choose to promote. The company offers a commission range in between $15 to $50 depending on om the category.

If you refer someone to purchase any Fiverr Pro Services, you will earn $150 as commission. Furthermore, you get to earn 30% commission for every “learn from Fiverr” course order or every AND.CO Pro Plan. To understand more, you may go here.

13) CJ Affiliate Marketing Program

What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is an online advertising company mainly operates in the affiliate marketing industry. It was designed to help clients to achieve intelligent, scalable and sustainable growth. CJ affiliate provides an affiliate marketplace with thousands of products for their affiliate to promote.

CJ Affiliate Target Audience

CJ affiliate is suitable for independent blog owners/publishers to join as it connects with affiliate programs offered by thousands of online brands. Blog owners/publishers who are running a niche blogs can easily select a product based on their niche target audience at CJ affiliate platform.

CJ Affiliate Review

Based on the review from Trustpilot, the CJ Affiliate scored about 2 Stars. About 3% reviewer voted for 5 Stars (Excellent), 10% voted 4 Stars (Great) and 2 Stars (Poor) and the rest voted 1 Star (Bad).

Most comments on TrustPilot said that CJ Affiliate is a scam company that deactivated their account without any notice or reason, offered poor support and did not pay them the commission.

On the other hand, Amy Copadis from CoSpot wrote a blog post about why CJ Affiliate having negative reviews. In the post, Amy mentioned that most of the negative reviews seem to reflect mistakes and misunderstandings on the part of the user.

The account deactivation issues might be because the publishers’ accounts did not generate commissionable transactions for the past six months straight.

Amy added that one of the cons of CJ Affiliate is poor customer support — slow to respond and no other option available for customers to reach the support team.

Joining CJ Affiliate program can be quite a challenge because of the process involved in becoming an affiliate in their program. Affiliate marketers are required to have a solid amount of traffic and an optimized website with useful content for visitors before joining them.

However, they have a huge number of top advertisers which give the publishers a reason to consider CJ Affiliate.

CJ Affiliate Commission

The commission for affiliate marketers varies as it depends on the brand. Bear in mind that CJ Affiliate only pays commissions via direct deposit, check or Payoneers (for non-US). Other payment gateways/methods, such as PayPal and Credit Cards are not available.

If you are interested in joining CJ Affiliate Program, click here to register yourself.

That’s all for this post about affiliate marketing and a list of affiliate programs that you can consider. Stay tuned for more exciting posts! Hope to you see you around!


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