6 essential tips for non-designers

I believe many of us have trouble creating a good piece of visual marketing material or infographic, especially if we do not have a design background.

Do you know you can create your own design with our design tips below?

Certainly your artwork may not be on par with a professional designer, but creating a simple and easy-to-understand one is absolutely doable!

Thus we’ve put together a list of best practices for all non-designers out there who wish to design something on their own.

Here are the 6 essential design tips for non-designers:

#1 Keep it simple

Simplicity never fails. It’s okay that you don’t know about layering or any other complicated design skills.

But you can always create something simple, readable and easy-to-understand design material. That’s more than enough!

#2 Typography Fundamentals

You can use different sizes of font for your design. For your information, typography plays a big role in creating visual hierarchy and contrasts.

Identify the most important message you want your readers to focus on, and use the largest font size to capture their attention effectively.

NOTE Design Tips: Using too many different types of font in a single design is a big no. Go for clear, simple and readable!

#3 White space

Giving your design some breathing room makes a world of difference. Look at the example above, there is just the right amount of white space.

Do remember to make use of spacing between lines and paragraphs. Use this concept to adjust a few elements, and you will realize how useful it is!

#4 Colour Theory

Picking the right colors is never an easy task. Thanks to new technology, there are now some great tools such as Adobe Kuler and Palettab that can help you to create shades of colour, or find the right complementary colors. Try them out!

#5 Photography

Picking the right quality (high-res) photos to match with your design is also of utmost importance. We know this can be really time-consuming some time.

Check out some of the websites that offer quality stock photos:

If your business is product based, it’s better to take your own quality photos. This can help to increase customer trust and company credibility.

#6 Consistency

It’s important to keep your design elements consistent. If you are using photography in the header, make sure you keep it consistent with the rest of the artwork.

Here’s a graphic design website that has all the templates you can use for different purposes such as presentations, posters, social images and many more!

If you have a tight deadline and must come out with a simple artwork really soon, visit this website called “Canva”.

Last But Not Least

Keep the principles above in mind and you can create your own artwork without hiring a designer! Get your own web hosting plan and learn how you can create your own website with Small Business Web Hosting strategies!

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