success factor of a business website

Have your wondered what makes your website success to attract visitors and increase sales? What helps your website to convert more customers and retain them?

4 Important Success Factors of a Business Website

#1 Keep it Simple. Have a Good Content!

Most of us have this misconception that the more content a website has, the better the website is. However, a website that is cluttered and overloaded with information does not give users a good website experience.

Of course, certain types of business website need extra content. In this case, it’s recommended that the content be well laid out to ensure user-friendliness. Apart from website content, pay good attention to your business logo, main navigation menu, search box, social media integration tools, media files and sitemap.

Remember, to generate business enquiries, your website should capture your visitors’ attention within the first few seconds.

#2 Contact Information

Many business websites have good website design, modern layout and great content, but when visitors need the contact information, they have a hard time looking for it. This happens to a lot of websites.

In addition, whenever you get an inquiry, respond in the shortest time possible.

#3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Love it or hate it, SEO is another critical factor for a business website. New competitors emerge every day and it’s always getting tougher to rank top on a search engine result page. Get yourself updated all the time with the latest news and announcements of Google SEO.

Bear in mind that SEO results aren’t instant but can give you a big advantage in the future. In other words, the newer your website is, the more patient you will need to be. Start now, as this is the best time to know your competition and apply good strategy for your business website.

#4 Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Keep in mind that more and more visitors are browsing on their mobile phones. Are you aware of the impact brought by the Mobilegeddon?  The truth is, if your business website is not mobile friendly, it will result in lower ranking in mobile search results.

In conclusion, the four important success factors mentioned above are completely crucial to build a great business website. Never think that your website is ‘done’. If you want to attract more visitors, more conversions and more revenue, invest time on your business website.

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