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What’s your background?

I come from a low-income family, which made me more astute to money since I was young. I was first exposed to Web 2.0 in Secondary school, which made me interested in the idea of website development. I then further pursued this passion in polytechnic.

It was around when my father passed away in year 3 of my polytechnic when I was diagnosed with depression. While battling the disorder, I knew I wanted to make a side-income to support my family and pay off our debts, so I started Purpleflakez as a freelance web-development business.

However, the journey was not easy as it took me one year before I found my first client. During that one year, I had serious doubts about whether or not to continue the business. It was only after the first client that I started to accumulate experience and confidence in handling my future clients.

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What kind of business do you run? 

I run a website development and marketing business.

For the development aspect, we offer a web consultancy service for our client to assess their needs and provide recommendations for their website based on their existing online profile, functionality and security concerns. Following the web consultancy service, we will custom-design their website based on the client’s requests to improve their online presence and outreach, as well as incorporating functions into the website to improve efficiency of their business processes. Finally, we provide a one-month after-sales service of user-interface changes, should the client feels the need to improve the content on their website.

With regard to marketing, we provide graphic design and copywriting services to improve the professionalism of our clients’ websites. Graphics and words are the key to attracting visitors, so that is why we focus our efforts on ensuring that our clients have the best appeal towards their target audiences. Also, through a long-term partnership, we will also provide opportunities for our clients to boost their online profile and perform competitively on an international level.

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Where are you headed as a business?

We aim to provide solutions for SMEs to manage their online profile through our ever-expanding range of services. By adapting our recommendations to fit the needs of our clients, we ensure that every website we design and manage is simple yet unique.

We will only recommend services that are imperative to the improvement of our clients’ online branding, and through doing so, we aim to redefine the status quo of information technology by transforming our clients’ business towards the future.

What convinced you to try our products/ service?

Exabytes has exceptional customer service and prompt technical support, which are elements that I feel are important to my clients as a web developer. They are always quick to provide me with detailed and useful solutions to remedy my server issues.

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How have you benefited from using our product / service?

Thanks to Exabytes’ speedy technical support, it has improved my response time in providing assistance to my clients, allowing me to offer my clients a smooth partnership. On one occasion, there were a few files on a few of my domains that were infected, and within 2 hours, Exabytes had helped me to solve the problem. Timely support is something that I find especially valuable from Exabytes.

What would you tell other people who were thinking of starting their business journey online?

The journey of starting a business online is never easy, and you will face many problems along the way. However, do remember that the obstacles you face are not roadblocks to your goals, but stepping stones to your success. Each problem that you are able to overcome will ensure that you are able to better tackle future problems.

Always adopt a positive mindset towards your business. Remember that doing your best is more important than being the best. You can never always be the best, but you can always do your best. When you focus on problems, you will have more problems. But when you focus on possibilities, you will have more opportunities.

Finally, dare to fail. Failure is not an outcome, but a process. Each time you fail, you are one step closer to your next success.

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Anything you’d like to add that we haven’t asked?

In doing business, never let success get to your head, and never let failure get to your heart. Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. As long as you keep doing what you’re doing, nothing can stand in between you and your success.

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