1000 Bloggers ads program

Wish to earn passive income? Exabytes Singapore has currently launched a 1000 Blogger Ads Program! This program is designed to let you earn EXTRA INCOME by just allowing us to place a banner on your blog. Yes, it’s that simple! If you fulfill the requirements, our speedy approval & payout will allow you to earn more PASSIVE INCOME effortlessly!

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1. 350 daily unique visitors.
2. Screenshot the number of your unique visitors for the past 2 months and send to us at [email protected] (Google Analytic screenshot preferred).
* We shall inform you the outcome within 5-7 working days. Once approved, we shall prepare and send the banner scripts to you in 5-7 working days.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Blog traffic must be mainly from Singapore.
2. Payment will be made 6 weeks after the banner is up. Payment method: bank transfer
3. Payment will only be sent to bank accounts opened in Singapore only.
4. Approval also depends on blog traffic, traffic source, content niche and bounce rate.

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Contact us at [email protected]