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It may be simpler than one thinks to keep track of all of the account passwords. A reliable password manager will keep everything in order and serve as the first line of defence against hackers. Let’s dive in.

According to the statistics, just 30% of users have password managers installed on their devices, despite the numerous marketing efforts.

However, 65% of users don’t have any idea about how to keep passwords safe, and they manage their passwords by using digital and physical lists.

How to keep passwords safe and why do people need a password manager?

The safe password login information one uses to access applications and accounts on the mobile device, websites, and other services is stored in a password manager, which is effectively an encrypted digital vault.

The best password managers provide a password generator to aid in creating strong, one-of-a-kind passwords, ensure that they aren’t being used on multiple accounts, and protect identity, credentials, and sensitive information.

10 Trustworthy & Safe Website Password Managers to Consider in 2023

A password manager provides ease and, more crucially, aids in the development of stronger passwords, reducing the risk of password-based assaults on businesses’ online presence.

1# Bitwarden

bitwarden password manager

Bitwarden is at the top of the list of the best password managers for 2023 because of its open-source foundation and unrivaled, limitless free version.

Having comparative security strength, this lightweight encryption password manager program may create, save, and automatically fill the passwords across all of the devices and well-liked browsers, such as Brave and Tor.

Unlike many other free password managers, Bitwarden’s free tier does not place a cap on the number of passwords that may be stored or restrict users from synchronizing their vault between devices.

The Premium tier is also reasonably priced and offers top password manager features, including a TOTP code generator, emergency access choices, an actionable password health report, and support for improved multi-factor authentication procedures.

2# 1Password

1Password password manager

The finest password manager for the job is 1Password, which lets one access all of the accounts and services with a single master password.

If one is searching for a reliable password manager tool to keep the login information secret and safe, go no further than 1Password. It supports all popular device platforms.

Although there is no free version of this attractively designed password manager, one may try it out for 14 days before committing.

3# Dashlane

dashlane password manager

Using Dashlane password manager, users can easily and securely manage their passwords and save other login details.

The free Dashlane password manager is just for managing passwords, but it only allows users to manage 50 passwords across one device.

Dashlane users enjoy the benefits of having all their passwords available across multiple platforms; no matter if they’re using a PC at work, Mac at home, Android or iPhone.

Furthermore, Dashlane works with every device and browser – allowing your credentials to be used anywhere. So no need to create new accounts or duplicate existing ones.

4# Keeper

keeper password manager

Another safe password manager is Keeper, which can be used to handle login information for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices.

Unlimited password storage is available in the free version on a single device.

Keeper offers features like secure communication and monitoring the dark net, what makes it unique is its security.

It uses advanced encryption algorithms, adopts a zero-knowledge architecture and is excellent in other safety practices.

5# Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault password manager makes life easier both at home and at work since it offers collaboration tools, syncs with all of the devices, has browser add-ons, imports passwords from browsers, and handles multi page logins with ease.

A robust free package without restrictions on device synchronization or password managers is available from Zoho Vault.

The majority of other password managers have more stringent limitations on their free accounts, such as caps on how many passwords may be stored in the vault or how many devices can sync simultaneously.

6# KeePassXC

KeePassXC is a password manager that stores encrypted copies of all user passwords in a digital vault protected by a master password, a key file, or both.

Users can sync the database file themselves using a file-syncing service like Dropbox or SpiderOak.

7# NordPass

NordPass, the password manager created by the same team as NordVPN, is a simple, user-friendly tool for securely accessing passwords across desktop, mobile, and online applications.

A data breach scanner, a password health report, a web vault, and a password inheritance option are just a few of the important features of these password managers that have been added over time.

NordPass for Business focuses on password hygiene and provides managers with a number of password manager tools to identify which employees are using outdated, repeated, or weak passwords in their vaults.

8# Password Boss

In addition to managing the typical password manager responsibilities, Password Boss also includes sophisticated capabilities like safe sharing and password inheritance.

Like many of its rivals, Password Boss provides multi-factor authentication and safe password storage.

In contrast to other password manager competitors like Bitwarden and Zoho Vault, its free edition does not provide device synchronization.

9# RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere is the best password manager and excels at managing passwords and filling out forms.

RoboForm’s new online vault is a great addition to an already fantastic product at a time when many rival products are modernizing user interfaces and focusing on usability.

The current version of this password manager is simple to use if one is already accustomed to its file system. RoboForm is a very powerful password manager, which gives competitors tough competition.


Make sure the password manager is compatible with every device one uses and doesn’t hinder password synchronization between devices before committing to any password manager.

Although it is commonplace for password managers to support Windows and macOS, several now also provide native Linux programs.

Every popular browser is supported by browser extensions from the finest password managers, which can function without a desktop application.

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