Choosing the right colors for your website is of paramount importance. Good combinations of colors tend to give your site visitors the right feelings and entice them to return in the future. Bad choices of colors can cause your websites to be dull, boring and turn away your visitors.

Choose the right colors to express the right feelings and messages!



Calm, tranquility, trustworthiness and stability. It is no doubt a favorite color of many that also equals trust and honor.


Means excitement, desire, love, energy and passion. Warning: You should also be aware of its negative messages such as danger, high risk, etc.


When we see yellow, we feel liveliness, energy and happiness. It can also mean curiosity, joy, brightness, etc.


Signifies nature, life, harmony, health, healing and environmentally friendly. At the same time, some of us tend to relate green with money.


Means confidence, solidness, reliability, relaxation, etc. More often than not, it is associated with tradition or sophistication.


We often associate orange with cheerfulness and friendliness. It also equals playfulness, creativity, etc.


Beware! It can mean romance and mystery, or more traditionally, luxury, royalty, dignity and wealth.


Is the color of affection, tenderness, romance and more often than not, femininity. It can also signify healing in emotions, sweet tasting / smelling, peace, care, etc.


Is thought to be stylish and elegant. It signifies power, formality, sophistication, etc. Black is extremely useful; it can be used to add mystery to your overall web design. Warning: Black can also give depressing feelings when used excessively.


Expresses maturity, solidness, practicality and sometimes sadness and gloominess. It is also a color of seriousness and traditionalism.


White, just like Snow White, is often associated with purity, goodness, innocence, simplicity, freshness, etc. White is also a fantastic background color for its ability to highlight other colors.