Success Stories OSK Property

The success story of OSK Property is indeed, an inspiration too many. Shifting from a traditional business model to the online model, the company took baby steps to achieve what it is today.

Exabytes is proud to be part of the Digitization journey of OSK Property.

The Cost Efficiency Between Offline And Online Marketing

About OSK Property

OSK Property develops residential, township and commercial projects, mainly located in strategic growth areas in Malaysia.

We currently have more than 55 projects in development, and our development and investment presence spans across Peninsular Malaysia.

We are also growing our overseas presence with our development project in Melbourne, Australia.

OSK Property Project

The Challenges

The biggest challenge, of course, would be the cost that we’ve always invested in offline marketing; also, the reach to potential customers was very limited.

We used to invest in a lot of costly offline advertising, such as billboards, digital billboards, press ads, radio ads, roadshow, etc.

All of these offline marketing activities can only occur within the development’s local vicinity and this has narrowed our reach to more potential customers, like out-of-state and overseas customers.

How has Exabytes impacted OSK Property?

The two biggest benefits after we engaged Exabytes to run our digital marketing campaigns was the cost efficiency and the effectiveness of campaign results.

As compared to offline marketing, we’re able to control our budget spent on every digital ad; for example, we’re able to set the target audiences to be more specific.

We’re also able to track the effectiveness of the campaign results on a timely basis, such as running an A/B ad test and optimizing the best outcome.

This helps to define the ROI of every single dollar we spend on each campaign, and I would say currently about 50% of the pool of revenues are contributed by online marketing.

Would you recommend Exabytes?

Since 2018, Exabytes has been a very good partner for us. Exabytes has always been able to deliver all the KPI we set for them, even though sometimes we have a limited budget, and they’re able to deliver the performance as well.

We’re also able to plan all our marketing activities more efficiently with the help of Exabytes, and we get to understand more about digital marketing.

Additionally, with the monthly report from Exabytes, we can actually plan more in-depth marketing strategies.

We hope the success story of OSK Property can be an inspiration to you.
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