“Visual legacy. Think of the many stories that are accompanied with some form of visuals, those are generally more impactful.” — Daryl, Founder of Momentous Productions

Success Story - Creating a Visual Legacy with Your Cherished Memories

Everyone wants everything. But there is something in the world that money can not buy. In fact, there is something you leave behind — a legacy. When you try to wrap your mind around leaving a legacy for future generations, you may automatically think of dollars and cents, right ?

Although leaving your family with financial security is very important, it’s not the only way to leave a lasting legacy. You must tell and show your future generations about the story behind the assets that you leave to them.

Your visual legacy or great-great-parents visual legacy can be described as all of the visual elements that you’ll have collected in your lifetime which represent your life story.

In this week’s success story series, we interviewed Daryl of Momentous Productions about his journey in following his passion for photography.

Tell us more about your brand story.

Visual legacy. When it comes to legacy, people think of passing on financial (property/ estate) only. However, many people do not think of visuals as an asset and legacy too.

All of us never know what could happen in life. Some people get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, which causes them to forget their precious memories with their beloved family.

If you have a visual legacy started before cognitive decline appears, it can serve as a gift for your future generations.

Think of the many stories that are accompanied with some form of visuals, those are generally more impactful. A visual legacy can also serve as a powerful reminiscence tool.

What is the biggest challenge you face in starting a startup, and how did you overcome it?

I realized that shooting nice and meaningful photos is not enough, I need to come out with a marketing plan to share my passion and photos to more people out there.

Hence, the first step I did is to join a business group that focuses on helping each other to find referrals for one another.

What motivated you to create a website, how it can help you?

In this digital era, people tend to find a photographer for their wedding or an event. Maybe first they’ll ask friends for a recommendation and after they will just ask Google. Either way, they want to see a website with examples of the photographer’s work.

So, I created an online portfolio as it can work as a “landing page” for my personal brand, where clients can easily see what my personality, skill sets, projects are. Of course, it also can help me connect with more potential clients out there.

Compared to the traditional way — sending a pdf version of my portfolio to clients, I can actually just share my website link to them to view my works.

> Check out Momentous Productions Site

What are the 4 things that you wish someone told you earlier when starting your business?

1. Systems are the way to go
– Instead of just haphazard ways of handling stuff

2. Collaboration is better than Competition
– Collaboration is all about progressing as a whole. There is no winner unless the entire group crosses the finish line together.

3. Quality is more important than Quantity
– It’s an age-old lesson that many entrepreneurs choose to ignore. We can build a huge customer base by focusing on quality.

4. Take the leap of faith
– Don’t be scared of diving into the unknown, let go of your fears & trust yourself.

Please share your positive experience with Exabytes.

In my digital transformation journey, I first purchase Microsoft 365 with Exabytes, then I purchase a domain name to build up my online portfolio. Setting up a domain with Exabytes was super easy — login to the portal, select domain, make payment, done.

Share Your Story with Exabytes

Thank you, Daryl, for your input and participation in the Success Story Campaign. If you, your friends and families, also have a project or a good startup story want to share with the world, we will certainly be happy to help you do it.

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