Time flies, in just a blink of an eye, it’s already year 2012! However, let’s not forget a female superstar, an Exabytes Employee of The Month created in November 2011! Best known as Exabytes “tomyam queen”, our EOTM has the most discerning palate for spicy food and would spend all her time and efforts looking for the best tomyam food in town. Apart from this, if you do not know her, she is seen as a very “cool” person outside as her facial expression is super serious when she works. But after you get to know the real her, you will be overwhelmed by her genuine cheerfulness and sense of optimism. But watch out when she starts to talk, as many have said that she is completely “unstoppable”!

Without further delay, let’s give a big hand to Miss Rachel Lee, Exabytes Billing Analyst!!

At work, Rachel is a respectable employee who always puts her work above everything. She is extremely hardworking, highly patient and calm in handling customer enquiries and complaints. In last November, she impressed our ever critical judges of EOTM with her outstanding working attitude such as the following:

  • Took the initiative to assist walk-in clients.
  • Followed up closely with clients regarding payment issues.
  • Worked overtime to get additional tasks done.
  • Honest, polite and punctual

Congratulations Rachel! You remind us of the old saying “patience is a virtue”! 🙂