The time has come again for us to reward the star of Exabytes, aka Employee of the Month. As usual, before we reveal the big secret, we are going to keep you in suspense and let’s see if you could figure out who the big star was for the second month of 2012. She…, is a female in our Creative department. She…, is a craft maker who devotes her free time to making cute little stuff such as soft toys, key holders, purses, etc. She…, is a very artistic person who believes that a picture is worth a thousand words and she…, is a cheerful lady who when ‘provoked’, would fill the entire office with her machine gun like laughter.

However, having a lovable personality is not enough to impress our ever critical judges of EOTM. In last February, this special star of Exabytes demonstrated her great willingness in leading the juniors and putting up extra hours to complete her tasks besides being extremely independent in finding solutions to rejected art work.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together to Web & Graphic Designer, Ms Alysa Lee!

Alysa deserves our highest salutation in the month of February because she:

  • was always willing to work overtime to complete tasks assigned to her
  • was very helpful in leading her juniors
  • was highly efficient and quick in creating newsletters and updating company websites
  • was friendly and extremely independent at work in finding solutions / ideas to rejected tasks

Congratulations, Alysa, and keep up the good work!