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If we were to look at the world’s top brands, there is only one thing in common. Twitter!

Most big brands have built their strong online presence through Twitter marketing strategies.

This is also because, given the massive growth of the platform, you can get more consumers to visit your website as well, generating more traffic and revenue.

Twitter today boasts of having over 396.5 million daily active users, and as a brand, you need to be present where your consumers are.

The power of social media needs to be unleashed more than ever, especially through Twitter.

However, with the popularity that Twitter holds today, there comes a downside for brands, and that is competition.

There are approximately 350000 tweets sent per minute and at least 500 million tweets sent out on a daily basis. In such a competitive environment, brands often wonder how to do twitter marketing.

Nevertheless, if you want to get your business out there and are thinking about how to promote your business on Twitter, then this blog will outline all the relevant details for you!

How to Create a Perfect Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Twitter web interface

The first step in utilizing the full potential of Twitter is to create a strong Twitter marketing strategy.

You can either build this strategy in-house or opt for professional digital marketing services from Exabytes. Follow these basic steps to create one for your brand:

1. Audit your Twitter presence

This step is applicable to brands that already have Twitter advertising accounts. Audit your Twitter account presence and keep a tab of frequency, engagement rate and the number of Twitter followers.

Get started your Twitter advertising account, click here.

2. Set goals

Success on any social media platform, even Twitter, is dependent on clear, measurable goals. Outline your Twitter marketing goals to know where you are headed with your strategy.

3. Know your competition

It is imperative to look out for your competitor’s Twitter marketing strategy. You may not copy the same one, but you need to ensure relevant overlaps and unique areas.

This can also work as a great starting point to come up with your own Twitter advertising ideas.

On Twitter, there are various ways to locate your rivals:

  • Utilize Twitter’s advanced search feature to look for words and hashtags associated with your field or industry. This will display other accounts using the same hashtags and keywords as you.
  • Look at the accounts your followers currently follow. This can help you identify your rivals in terms of the interests of your target market.
  • To find accounts with an audience similar to yours, use a social media analytics tool like Hootsuite Insights or Twitter Analytics.
  • Search for Twitter lists or accounts that curate material from accounts in your field but are specialized to that industry.

4. Twitter guidelines

Twitter demands a brand’s feed be consistent. Hence, as a brand, you must set clear guidelines on how you want your Twitter advertising to pan out.

Right from deciding your brand colors to finalizing the content buckets, create a Twitter marketing guideline that encompasses all of it.

5. Content Calendar

If the question of how to do Twitter marketing ever crosses your mind, one simple answer is to come up with a content calendar.

This is an irreplaceable element of your Twitter marketing strategy.

For more information about social media and marketing strategies for Singaporean, click here: Make the Most of Singapore’s 2023 Public Holiday

6. Analyze your analytics

The last step in your Twitter marketing strategy is to analyze your analytics. You can either use the existing analytics or get professional assistance to help with your analytics.

Now that your Twitter marketing strategy is in place, let’s look at the top 8 ways in which you can generate website traffic using Twitter.

8 Ways to Generate Website Traffic Using Twitter

1. Grab extra attention by pinning a tweet

twitter pined tweet post

According to credible sources, a pinned tweet on Twitter is likely to generate 5 to 10 times more clicks than regular tweets.

When your pinned tweet on Twitter has access to your website, the eyeballs can quickly turn into website visitors.

Experiment with multiple tweets on Twitter to see which one works the best.

2. Add your website URL to your profile

add website URL to your twitter profile

This is a no-brainer, but multiple brands need to remember to incorporate this on their Twitter account.

When a consumer is curious to know more about your brand, they head to the Twitter account’s bio, and your website URL presence can help generate additional website traffic.

3. Tweet at relevant times

There are specific time slots based on countries and regions where consumers are most active on Twitter.

You must plan your tweets around the same time to get maximum attention and website conversions.

4. Use relevant images

According to multiple data sources, a tweet with an image on Twitter is likely to get more attention.

Add a relevant and attention-grabbing image on Twitter to generate more website visits and revenue.

5. Re-use old posts through automation

Automation helps tremendously to save time and incorporate the right twitter advertising strategies. Re-post old tweets on Twitter through automation to ensure consistency and stay relevant.

Your new viewers may have yet to see your old posts, and hence this works very well to get more attention and website views.

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6. Promote reader participation

You can utilize your tweets on Twitter in the best way by asking your consumers to share your content. These tactics may seem a little superficial, but they work well.

Also, re-posting on Twitter is extremely easy and convenient; hence, the consumer is more likely to promote your Twitter advertising.

7. Indulge in paid advertising

While organic content creation works well, a little push through Twitter advertising in the paid form will help your brand.

Get hold of a social media professional for this and incorporate the right kind of Twitter advertising.

8. Avoid bots

While the world is moving towards AI, bots can remove the personalized feeling consumers associate with your brand on Twitter.

However tempting or convenient it might seem, avoid using bots and tweet like a human.

Twitter, as a social media platform, is here to stay and will only expand soon. Twitter has grown since the very beginning by shifting its offerings to match consumer demands.

So whenever you feel the need to look for an answer to ‘how to promote your business on Twitter?’ you have all the answers through this blog.

Creating a Twitter marketing strategy and then consistent incorporation of the eight points mentioned above can lead to more website traffic and revenue.

Additionally, consider taking up professional digital marketing services from Exabytes. We help your brand reach new heights with the right strategy and implementation.

At Exabytes Singapore, customers can chose from a wide ranging digital operations for their marketing and operations.

Connect with an Exabytes professional here and start your social media marketing journey.

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