Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide For Beginners

A Complete Affiliate Starter Guide to Become a Successful Exabytes Affiliate

Register Your Account

Learn how to set up your account the right way.

Not yet an affiliate? Register Now!

Your account must include details about your activity as an Exabytes Affiliate and payment information.

To register your account:

  • Click the link here to fill out “Personal Information”.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Register Your Account - Personal Information

  • Next section, fill out your “Billing Address”.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Register Your Account - Billing Address

  • Under  “Additional Required Information”, add your PayPal Email as a payment option.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Register Your Account - Additional Required Information

  • Finally, create a strong password and security question. Click “Register to complete account registration.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Register Your Account - Account Security

Activate Affiliate

  • Login to your account here and go to “Affiliate”.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Activate Affiliate - Client Area

  • Click “Activate” and you are all set.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Activate Affiliate

Affiliate Tracking Links

Our affiliate platform allows you to get your affiliate link for any Exabytes products, right from your dashboard.

Affiliate link overview

Your affiliate link includes a unique ID that helps you track every new customer you refer. When promoting Exabytes products, always use your unique affiliate link to ensure you get the credit for every new customer you bring to Exabytes.

You can find your affiliate ID in your affiliate link under the aff parameter.

A standard affiliate link looks like this:

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Referral Link


Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Referral Link

If you would like to direct your users to a specific category/product page, select the product from the drop-down.


How your affiliate link works

Your affiliate link contains a 60-day tracking cookie. This implies that if a person clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for an Exabytes product within 60 days, you will be credited with the referral.

You will be paid a commission when your referred user makes their purchase. It’s worth noting that as an Exabytes affiliate, you’ll be able to advertise a wide range of Exabytes products, including Web Hosting, Website Design, Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting, Marketing Tools, and more. Each specific affiliate link will bring your customers to the appropriate Exabytes product and entitle you to the appropriate commission.

Choosing Marketing Tools

We’re pleased to provide you with the marketing tools to help you kickstart and drive users to Exabytes. Learn how to select the most relevant creative elements from our selection of banners and sales approach templates.

  • Login to your account here
  • Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see “Marketing Tools”
  • Use the sales templates to find your best approach
  • Use the banners to place on your website to introduce Exabytes
  • Use the special campaign banners to attract your visitors to purchase Exabytes products
  • Once you chose your creative, simply click on the HTML code and embed it within an HTML page (which contains the link to the media and the tracking link).

Exabytes Affiliate Programme Starter Guide for Beginners - Affiliate Dashboard - Marketing Tools

Monitoring Performance and Referrals

Our affiliate system allows you to monitor, evaluate and improve your campaign performance easily, directly from your dashboard.

  • You will see the statistics immediately when you log in to your affiliate account here

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Statistic

  • Under “Your referrals”, you can check what are your referrals signed up for and how much commission you earned from each signup.


Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Your Referrals

  • By default, the report will display 10 entries. To view more entries, you can click on “10 ˅ ” button to choose between 25, 50, and All.

Commissions Withdrawal

Congratulations! You made it to the fun part. Learn how to withdraw your earnings as follows.

Commissions are paid once a month on a net 30 days basis.

To get paid, follow the instructions below:

  • If you did not fill in your PayPal email address during account registration, go to “Hello, Your Name! ˅” and click on the “Edit Account Details”.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Edit Account Details

  • Fill in Your PayPal Email Address, and click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Paypal Email

Payments are available once your account reaches the $150 threshold. Once you’ve reached that amount, you’ll be able to request your payment at the beginning of the following month.

Exabytes Affiliate Starter Guide - Affiliate Dashboard - Affiliate Commission Withdrawal

  • Payments are available once your earnings reach the S$150 threshold.
  • The “Request Withdrawal” button will appear automatically once you’ve reached it.
  • When you click the button, a notification will be sent to your email. You just need to click the button once.
  • Before you receive your commissions, every order is first checked for fraudulent activity and/or violations of our terms.
  • Once approved, you will receive your payment slip via email.

Payment Currencies

Your affiliate commission balance is always derived from its Singapore Dollar value. Therefore, the foreign currency payment amount will be calculated according to the bank exchange rate at the time of payment.

For further enquiries and doubts, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].

Happy earning!

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