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What is Localized Domain Name?

Localized domain names also consider as Country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) which represent a particular country or region.

The domain extension ends with the country code, for example, co.uk, .fr, .cn, etc. For SEO benefits, you can register multiple domains if you planning to expand your business globally.

Why Localized Domain Make You Feel Home

Careful consideration has to be made whenever you are choosing a domain name for your business because apart from SEO benefits, it is also important to make your business community friendly and easy to remember. And a domain can help just that.

Besides, it can also make a difference in your international marketing efforts. In this regard, localized domain names will always win over generic domain names. Check domain name for the best one that isn’t in already taken.

Moreover, having a generic domain name can be exhausting when you need to start your digital marketing campaigns. This is because you will have to compete with generic keywords that have higher bidding cost.

In other words, your business must also compete with bigger competitors when choosing the generic keywords for your campaigns.

So let’s find out the reasons and benefits of choosing a localized domain name.

#1 Stronger Signal in Geo Targeting

This method definitely works like magic if you are looking forward to doing geo targeting as it brings stronger signal to search engines when someone performs a search based on certain geographic location.

This is because the domain is directed to the audience specifically. Other than that, it shows the search engine that the website caters for the specific demographic audience.

#2 Build Trust and Credibility

In order for you to build a strong foundation for your website branding, you are strongly encouraged to have a localized domain as it will leave a much stronger impression especially to your first time customers.

Since many local businesses will definitely use local language especially in their content, it can give the website a better local feel. Lastly, it makes your audience feel more at home because when they discover the site is using their home language.

#3 Unleash Creativity and Innovate

To find a good and user friendly name for a website can be exhausting and time-consuming for every business owner. Besides, using your country’s slang can automatically or maybe indirectly conjure up meaningful word that is related to your business.

An example of domain name that make good use of a slang is www.hostkaki.my, or www.webhostingkaki.my in Singapore and Malaysia. There is so much for creativity when you are using the localized domains.

Lastly, it also makes things a lot easier to you when you are doing domain hacks.

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, having a localized domain name will help you or your business to become more appealing while building your credibility online.

So it is important for business owners not to overlook this opportunity to bring in extra customers, and realized that localized domain names can help them to bring more confidence to potential customers or buyers.

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