Success Story - Geniebook

We power sharper performance and enhance learning

With their combined teaching experiences of over 20 years, Alicia Cheong and Neo Zhi Zhong developed Geniebook in 2016 to supplement students with additional learning resources.

Geniebook is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered learning tool and an intuitive multi-platform application for students. It also recommends assessment concepts and questions based on students’ strengths and challenging areas to tackle.

This A.I. learning platform is timely during this pandemic where traditional classroom education is forced to go through innovation adjustments and digital transformation.

Home-based Learning (HBL) has become the new normal and part of the education curriculum.

Its easy-to-use and intuitive user interface makes Geniebook a key player in the edutech industry and has expanded its presence across Asia. 

> Check out Geniebook Website here to find out more.

Tell us more about your brand story.

Geniebook was conceptualized with the objective of helping students improve the way they learn, regardless of their background. We continue to develop our ideas into innovation to cater to this objective. 

We are an online learning tool that empowers students to take charge of their learning process, confidently. Students can focus on and master areas of learning that they find challenging.

First, they begin by attempting our MOE Syllabus-relevant worksheets, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology then analyses their answers to tailor a lesson plan that meets their needs, and finally, the students can attend our LIVE Online Lessons to expand their knowledge.

They will be able to revisit these lessons in our Online Lessons library.

Please share the most memorable challenge when you first started. 

We had many obstacles when we started out. But the most memorable one would be while developing our app. I had a very basic knowledge of coding, so I thought I would try to develop the first version of the software myself. 

When it grew to more than what we could handle, I hired a full-time programmer. Unfortunately, the programmer quit one day before the launch, without turning out anything usable.

By then, we had spent nine months and more than $150,000 on the project. We asked him to serve notice but he said that was not spelt out in his contract. We learned a really big lesson that day.

How did you overcome it? 

We hired 2 full-time programmers to help the idea take flight. There is always a need for constant research and innovation to incorporate new ways to ensure the software remains user-friendly and is the best solution for students.

Digital Transformation Journey - Geniebook

> Check out Geniebook Website here to find out more.

What motivated you to create a website? 

We knew that online learning is the most efficient way to reach more students. It allows us to provide more convenient access to quality learning.

We are able to embrace the use of advanced technology to refine and produce the best tool that students can adopt.

How digital innovation helps your business?

There has been an increase in our annual revenues. After launching our online portal in 2017, we have grown by 130x.

With online learning becoming a norm in 2020, parents are switching from tuition to our online platform to help their children study.

What is your encouraging word to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Continue to persevere and work hard to realize your goals. The road will never be smooth as it will have its fair share of bumps, through which you will learn and grow.

Please share your positive experience with Exabytes.

Exabytes Singapore has been very accommodating to all our requests. They have always been forthcoming with their help to meet whatever needs we have. Their team is not only helpful but is always ready with a solution should there be a need.

The pandemic brought about challenges and several obstacles, but it created opportunities for businesses and several sectors, if not all, to recognize the importance of digitalization.

As education and technology assimilate into other regions, we look forward to Geniebook’s growing presence and influence in the edutech industry. 

The success of Exabytes is built on the success of the clients it serves. “Success” connotes several meanings to everyone.

What we hope to achieve through these stories that make up “OurStartupJourney” is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals to pursue their big ideas regardless of obstacles and challenges. 

If you wish to share how you have contributed to the bettering of others online, we will be glad to share your story. Get in touch with Exabytes Support now.