The Annual HongBao Promotion is back! To celebrate the auspicious Chinese New Year, once again, Exabytes HongBao .SG domain promo will let you SAVE a WHOPPING SGD 47 for every new registration of .SG domain!!

sg domain promotion

SG Domain Promotion SAVE SGD 47!!

.SG domain is now up for grabs for SGD 7.99/year (Normal Price: SGD 55) ONLY! This promotion starts on 1st Feb 2016 and ends on 26th Feb 2016. The auspicious promo is to open to individuals and entities based in Singapore only.

So Sign Up Now with Exabytes to AVOID PAYING MORE in the future! Please don’t wait till the last few days to register because many good .SG domains would have been grabbed by then!


Why It Is Important To Have A .SG Domain?

  • Business Identity

A .SG domain gives your business a stronger business identity and more business opportunities. It shows that your business is based in Singapore, a wealthy nation with good governance and abundant business opportunities.

  • Rank higher

Your website can rank higher when someone performs a search related to your business at GOOGLE.COM.SG

  • Customer trust & credibility

A .SG domain can increase customer trust and credibility because only businesses legally registered in Singapore, or Singaporeans are eligible to register.

What Can .SG Domains Do For You?

– Establish & protect your company name, brand & reputation

– Expand your business online to gain more customers and revenue

– Stay ahead of your offline competitors

– Boost Company Image, Customer Trust & Conversion Rates

So act fast. Grab HERE before everyone else does!

If you interested to buy other top-level domain to get more than one domain name, feel free to check the availability of additional website name.

As we know, purchasing multiple domains is a great opportunity for you to ensure that people looking for your website can find your services instead of buying your own domain name that is memorable and unique.

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