cloud service vs car rental serviceePeople tend to travel with family and friends by their own car as it’s more convenient. However, it is not the most cost effective option. If a couple decides to go travelling, they could opt to rent a car when they reach their destination, which will then help them to save a lot on transportation. This scenario is in fact, similar with Cloud Market.


Cloud Service is similar to Car Rental

1) You don’t have to own a car and pay the high costs (including maintenance)

When you buy a car, besides monthly instalments, you must also factor in your car insurance, road tax and maintenance costs (tyres, lubricants, etc) which cost you hundreds or thousands. It is completely not financially viable if you seldom use the vehicle. However, by just renting a car when you need it, you’ll save a huge amount of money on these expenses.

The same applies to cloud service; you do not have to pay for the costly maintenance fees with cloud technology.


2) Get MORE When You Need MORE

You can even rent 2 cars or a big van when there is a group of friends / relatives coming for visit. The same applies to cloud service; when you have more data or information to store or back up in a particular month, you can just rent more for that period of month only.


3) Pay As You Use

If you rent two cars, you only need to pay for the rents for two cars WITHOUT any extra charges. This is similar to Cloud Service. You just need to pay for what you use.


4) Accessibility

You can rent a car anywhere when you need it. The same applies to Cloud Service. You have easier access anytime anywhere when you need it.