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Blogging is the best way to promote ideas, share information, and create a community around a brand, whether one is a blogger or a small business.

One can create a platform where billions of Internet users can directly interact with the material by devoting time and resources to developing a website and a blog.

Despite the frequently made claim that blogging is dead, this is not true. Statistics published on Hosting Tribunal indicate that there are at least 600 million blogs online in total, and the bloggers keep updating their blogs.

Before the internet, it was difficult for most people to share their ideas with anybody except their close friends, family, and coworkers.

As blogging has grown in popularity, anybody can become a blogger and share their ideas or creative works with a broader audience.

Why Does a Blogger Need Web Hosting to Run a Blog Website?

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Does anyone know the significance of web hosting for running a blog? Let’s examine what web hosting actually accomplishes and how it affects the whole bloggers community.

When people become bloggers or browse the internet, they don’t typically consider the fact that every website they visit takes up space. The various files and components that make up that website must all have a physical home.

Even though it may seem that the internet is disconnected from the real world, each word and image a blogger uploads to a blog occupies a very small amount of space in a room full of servers.

These servers are owned and maintained by web hosting providers. Every blogger on the internet has, in essence, hired space from one of these web hosting providers on a server that the provider owns.

Users certainly comprehend the fundamentals of web hosting. As any blogger will be delighted to find, web hosting services are essentially the online equivalent of renting real estate for their home or business.

How to Make Money From Website as a Blogger

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1# Select a blog niche

The blog’s niche will determine the target audience a blogger will receive on its blog. The blogger can choose the name of the site and create a targeted blogging strategy with the aid of a solid topic.

It could be tempting for a blogger to cover a wide range of topics when establishing a new blog. However, it would be impossible and unsustainable to try to become an expert in every field.

Even if a blogger manages to write a few excellent blog entries, it will be difficult to keep up a consistent readership due to the audience’s dispersed nature.

2# Invest in web hosting and a domain name.

When a name and a niche have been chosen, it’s time to start building the blog’s website.

The two most crucial steps bloggers should keep in mind while setting up any blog, one is to acquire web hosting and second is domain name.

3# Uptime

Has anyone ever tried to access a website only to be told to try again later or that it was temporarily unavailable?

A blogger will never want this to happen to the blog in any scenario. People should be able to access the posts when they are prepared to read them.

If not, they might stop visiting the blog altogether.

4# SEO strategies

Bloggers making every effort to appear in search results for pertinent keywords should be a fundamental component of any blogging strategy if a blogger wants visitors to find the site.

A website’s discoverability can be improved by doing a few simple SEO actions, and the correct web hosting platform can include tools or features that make those steps a little simpler.

Bloggers know the simple method for changing the URLs, adding meta descriptions, and submitting the website to search engines.

A web hosting package that includes SEO analytics and reporting capabilities to aid bloggers in monitoring SEO development over time is even better.

5# Monetization capabilities

Many bloggers aspire to the day when they have amassed enough committed readers to begin generating income from their blogs.

If collecting payments down the road is one’s ultimate objective or something bloggers want to at least consider, they need a web hosting company that has the right functionality.

6# Advertise on the blog.

To include Google AdSense advertisements in the blog entries, a blogger can earn money blogging.

What is Google AdSense, exactly? A blogger can use the application to add advertisements to the website.

Google then inserts pertinent ads into those gaps for readers of the blog and website. When consumers view or click on those advertisements, bloggers will be paid.

7# Join as an affiliate

If one knows all the bloggers, they make their income from these methods. Almost all of the top bloggers employ affiliate marketing as a part of their monetization plan, according to their expense reports.

Affiliate marketing basically entails earning money for bloggers through blogging by endorsing other people’s goods.

This entails including affiliate links to various goods and services on their site, in the postings, and throughout the social media accounts.

Bloggers will get a cut of the transaction if website visitors click on those links or buy something.

8# Create sponsored content

Companies may approach bloggers with sponsorship options as their blog gains popularity. The business will pay them for each post they write promoting its goods to their audience.

Frequently, these positions come with additional benefits for a blogger, such as free products from the employer for them to review.


Blogging can be more than just a hobby; bloggers can make it a full time career opportunity to be financially independent. As can be seen, there are several ways a blogger can find to convert website traffic into money.

No blogger wants to deal with a web server problem and have their visitors have difficulty reading their content. As a blogger, it is critical to select the best web hosting for your blog website.

If you are a blogger or wish to start a blog website, you can get Exabytes managed WordPress hosting plan which are affordable and suitable for all kind of business types.

To know more about the plan, contact us now.

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