Imagine you are given a chance to set up a physical store. Do you realize what you will be doing is in fact the same as setting up a website?

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setting up a website & email

1) Get a web hosting provider
Finding a patch of land to build your store is just like looking for a patch of online land to place your website and emails on. This online land is called web hosting; something similar to a rented land which comes with a monthly / yearly fee.

2) Register a domain name
Next you need to get your store a name (brand) so that people can recognize and find it. This is the same as registering a domain name (eg: for your website from a web hosting provider or domain registrar.

3) Build website
You need a blueprint and a contractor to build your physical store, just like a website needs a layout plan and a web designer to build it.

4) Create email accounts
After your hosting account is set up, create email accounts using the hosting control panel. In web hosting, an email service is similar to a letter box and super fast carrier pigeons.