who needs a dedicated serverWhat is the current server environment for your business website? As practical as it sounds, many websites will grow and eventually become famous. And as soon as visitors start to flood in, the need for bandwidth will increase, and your website will take longer time to load, and sometimes stop responding when your shared hosting limit is reached. When such a thing occurs, it is devastating for a business. In this case, a dedicated server is the right answer if you are looking forward to grow your business and expanding them globally.

So, how does one believe it’s time to go for dedicated server hosting? Check if you encounter scenarios below:

  • Increase in Loading Time

Whenever you notice the increase in page loading time, it might be the time that you should start looking for a dedicated server. This is because most of the shared hosting packages put certain limitations on how much data you can load at a certain time. (In other words, your shared hosting is limiting the numbers of your website visitors.)

Also, you are only being allocated with limited server resources for your hosting account among hundred or even thousands of users within the same physical server. 

  • When You Need Scalability

If your business is growing and your website is getting more complex and files (imagine running an e-commerce site), then you’ll need a server that facilitates the scalability of your business. This will help your business to grow at the expected pace while also running smoothly without having a downtime. This no doubt, is extremely important in building more trust to your customers and bringing user-friendliness to your site at the same time.

  • When Security Is a Big Concern

Running a large site will pose few challenges to business owners, especially when it comes to  security issues. Online Transactions can become a major disaster when something unthinkable happens because a huge amount of important data is involved. With the strength of a dedicated server, you will have complete control of the security protection of your business while seeing your business grow.

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  • Freedom to Control Your Administration

Most shared hosting plans do not grant you the right to manage the administrative part of your site, but with dedicated hosting you are able to configure it according to your needs. The best thing is that you aren’t sharing resources with other websites. For your benefit, you may make improvements if you find any of the elements are slowing down the performance of your website.

  • When Personalized Customer Support Is Needed

There is nothing more precious than having your own personalized customer support that will be able to assist you 24 hours all day long. Most dedicated server hosting providers take care of their customers three times better than shared hosting. In other words, dedicated server hosting customers often enjoy first class support which other customers can only dream of.

Also, subscribing to a managed dedicated server hosting is also a wise choice, which you don’t have to hire a technical person to take care of it. Your hosting partner is the best partner!

To Conclude

Now you know when your business needs a dedicated server. Procrastination would just drive the clients away, not to mention a negative impression. In fact, contrary to popular belief, a dedicated server doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

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