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Traditional cybersecurity software is not built to deal with today’s cybersecurity threats. Modern IT systems are growing increasingly sophisticated, and data is being created in massive quantities, making storing and preserving information difficult and expensive.

Acronis Cyber Protect, a comprehensive cyber security solution recently developed by Acronis, has a major role to play.

It is a game-changing solution that delivers greater data protection by combining data protection, cybersecurity, and management capabilities into a single Acronis solution, significantly reducing cybersecurity costs and complications.

What is Acronis?

Acronis backup - disaster recovery

Acronis is a data protection software manufacturer that split out from Parallels in Singapore in 2003 to become an independent business.

Five years later, the firm was incorporated in Switzerland and now provides backup, disaster recovery (DR), and file sync-and-share products across virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments.

Acronis claims to have over 500,000 business clients and 5 million consumer customers in over 145 countries.

Acronis’ on-premises and cloud backup and recovery software is known for being user-friendly, dependable, and innovative.

Its software is designed to utilize as little CPU and memory as possible, and it may be written to up to five distinct destinations, including storage arrays, the cloud, and tape.

Acronis purchased GroupLogic, a file-sharing software business noted for its mobile file sharing, synchronization, and collaboration tools, in 2012. Acronis purchased nScaled and its disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering in 2014.

What is Acronis Cyber Protect?

Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated, with hackers continually developing new methods to target your clients.

Acronis is dedicated to making it simple for MSPs to expand their capabilities and administer the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

This ensures the cybersecurity and data protection of the client’s systems, applications, and data.

“Acronis is a company that is at the forefront of comprehensive data protection and cybersecurity.” Experts believe Acronis Cyber Protect is one of the most complete efforts to date to provide data protection and cybersecurity.”

More about Acronis Products and Services: Acronis Official Website

How does it work?

Acronis Cyber Protect combines backup, recovery, and AI-based anti-malware and data protection management into a single package.

This integration and automation enables comprehensive cybersecurity while enhancing productivity and lowering TCO.

One can eliminate the data protection complexity and cybersecurity hazards associated with non-integrated solutions by using Acronis with one agent, one web-based management interface, and one license while benefiting from the five crucial stages of cybersecurity defense – prevention, detection, response, recovery, and forensics.

Here are five key points Acronis Cyber Protect work on

  1. Acronis Prevention
  2. Acronis Detection
  3. Acronis Response
  4. Acronis Recovery
  5. Acronis Forensics

Acronis Prevention

Data protection works proactively to protect systems and applications by preventing threats in the first place.

  • Antivirus and anti-malware cybersecurity software
  • URL-filtering
  • Global threat tracking
  • Constant data protection
  • Patch Administration

Acronis Detection

Detect and mitigate cybersecurity problems and dangers before they endanger an ecosystem.

  • Assessments of vulnerability\
  • Acronis cloud virus and malware scan
  • Hard drive health monitoring.
  • Reports and dashboards

Acronis Response

Reduce risk by enabling a speedy response.

  • Real-time notifications from the Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Center (CPOC).
  • Data compliance reporting and a map of data protection
  • Safe Return.
  • Patching that is fail-safe.
  • Quarantine for malware.

Acronis Recovery

In the event that data is compromised, one may recover it quickly and safely.

  • Instant Restore by Acronis.
  • Universal Restore by Acronis.
  • Have a speedy recovery.

In addition, Acronis backup and recovery packages provide Universal Restore, which allows backups to be restored to a different system, such as from physical to virtual.

Acronis Forensics

Reduce future cybersecurity hazards by gathering and conducting forensic investigations.

  • Backups for forensic purposes
  • Audit assistance

AnyData Engine by Acronis

Acronis provides products for companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and consumers. Many of the vendor’s solutions are built around the Acronis AnyData Engine, which was introduced in 2014 to handle virtual and physical server cybersecurity.

One advantage of the product, as the name indicates, is that it is compatible with a wide range of data formats.

The engine integrates several data back-ups and data protection capabilities for usage on various types of servers and operating systems (OSes).

The Acronis AnyData Engine is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as virtual servers such as Citrix XenServer, KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and VMware ESXi.

In addition, the engine supports a wide range of file types and applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Advanced Email Security Pack

Account takeover (ATO) assaults are detected, prevented, and mitigated for Microsoft 365 to safeguard the clients’ email accounts from intrusion.

This Acronis tool continuously monitors email accounts for abnormalities that may indicate a compromise, prevents attackers from phishing user credentials, and provides quick repair and account containment by the incident response team in the event of an ATO.

It includes an audit log as well as additional compliance and cybersecurity monitoring features.

One may now audit and investigate each event, gaining complete visibility into all actions taken by the administrators and cybersecurity incident response team.

Make use of a localized user interface in the chosen language, whether English or the recently introduced Spanish, German, French, Italian, or Portuguese.

This allows for immediate chat help with the cybersecurity incident response team. Chat directly with the issue response team from the Advanced Email Security management interface for faster replies.

It allows users to quickly and conveniently download cybersecurity reports for distribution to their clients.

With cybersecurity reports that are downloadable as PDFs, one can provide transparency and accountability, increase consumer confidence, illustrate the value of your services to customers, and simplify upsells and renewals.

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in frequency. Breach incidents are increasing on more devices, and outdated data protection methods are not integrated.

Acronis Cyber Protect is a next-generation solution that integrates backup, anti-malware, cybersecurity, and endpoint management functions such as vulnerability assessments, URL filtering, patch management, and more.

If businesses want to get Acronis Cyber Protect to safeguard their data from cyber-attacks, Exabytes can provide them with expert guidance.

To learn more and get a call from our experts, contact us now.

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