Top 10 eCommerce Platforms in Singapore

Nowaday, more and more consumers start to online shopping, and it is also bringing the results that more big players of eCommerce platforms/ marketplace decide to get the market in Singapore.

In this article, we pick out the top 10 eCommerce platforms/marketplace in Singapore based on our opinion, and it might give you some inspiration on where to shop online next time.


Qoo10 is an eCommerce marketplace that specialises in the women and fashion category and is famous for its Korean products.

They were established in 2012 in South Korea, and now they have succeeded in becoming one of the eCommerce leaders in Singapore.


FairPrice is the eCommerce platform of their brick-and-mortar store FairPrice, which is the leader of grocery retailers in Singapore.

Their selling points are on the competitive pricing, for every purchase, customers can get delivered or they can pick up at any outlets on their convenient time.


Lazada is an eCommerce marketplace that allows retailers to sell their goods on the platforms. It was founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet, and Southeast Asian was acquired by Alibaba in 2016.


Carousell was established by the graduated students of National University of Singapore. This eCommerce site works like a marketplace, it allows users to buy and sell goods (used/new) within a safe community, and now they are one of the popular marketplaces in Singapore.


Shopee is an eCommerce marketplace that allows retailers to sell their goods on the platforms.

They are more focusing on their mobile apps and target on mobile users. One of the biggest eCommerce marketplace in Southeast Asia.


The largest eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia specialized in clothing and fashion. Zalora is able to let fashion brands retailers sell their products on the platforms, to the site’s visitors as well.


Sephora is an eCommerce platform that specialises in beauty products, one of the leaders in beauty and cosmetics brands in Singapore.

Sephora started with the brick-and-mortar chain of specialized stores, and they successfully evolved to become an eCommerce business in many countries.


RedMart is an online groceries store that you can order your goods anytime, anywhere. It was founded in August 2011, and it was acquired by Alibaba in November 2016. 


Reebonz is an eCommerce platform that specialises in luxury bags, watches, accessories, jewellery, and shoes. If you are scouting for designer brands, you will know that this website is a must-visit.


HipVan is a Singapore eCommerce platform that was established in 2013. They specialise in home furniture, and have various designs such as classic, resort, industrial, contemporary and more styles of furniture.

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